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Bitcoin Split Into Two And The New One Didn’t Do Badly On Its First Day


Bitcoin as you know it at least in that last nine years has changed. The cryptocurrency for the first time has split into two entities which means that besides the first version you know, there’s something now called bitcoin cash which they say can handle much more transactions. This became necessary as the original bitcoin infrastructure has been overwhelmed thereby leaving a lot backlogs.

But with bitcoin cash which they say is eight times more powerful in transaction capacity, a new platform that encourages more bitcoin transactions has now been created which simply means the digital currency era will just continue to unfold.


Bitcoin cash uses blockchain which is like a wallet which means besides the capacity, the basic technology remains the same.


As of 12:50PM today, the new currency was trading at $656.69 even though it closed at $356.34 later today. The thing is that bitcoin cash will only survive if users appreciate its value and start carrying out transactions using it otherwise it’s doomed to fail.


Bitcoin itself was trading at a much higher price of $2,729.51 earlier.

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