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Gender Equality In ICT: Cisco Restates Support For Women’s Empowerment


This is fresh off the “The Day of The Girl” celebration yesterday  in which the world comes together to proffer fresh ideas for equal opportunities.

In a male-dominated field, women are often side-lined or relegated to marketing or customer support department regardless of their skills in technology or educational background. However, Cisco Systems Inc., a technology solutions industry has proven to be liberal by committing to women empowerment and increasing their participation in technology programs.

Recently, the tech industry has restated its pledge to help women develop their skills as contributors, executives and managers through an internal employee resource group called The Cisco Connected Women. This group is dedicated to retaining female employees and has an outstanding record of offering opportunities to over 4000 members and currently presides over 38 chapters.

Recently, the company made a statement which affirms its stand on supporting women in ICT on designing programs that will help improve their skills through the group situated in Bangalore, India. The group features Nigerian Cisco employees, which gives the workers an ample opportunity to meet and discuss among one another on their involvement in the technology industry, as well as the positive impact it has on them.

The Manager, Cisco Nigeria, Olakunle Oloruntimehin spoke on female participation in ICT. He said:

In the context of a male-dominated industry, Cisco is making intent-based decisions to promote inclusiveness, diversity and overall female participation in the industry.’

Strategically executed by a core team of volunteers, the programs were developed in line with Cisco’s business guidelines, to ensure a synchrony between the progams and the core values of Cisco. In addition, the technology industry also puts into priority its employees’ network directions and respects the culture that exists among the people in the country.  

Cisco recognises that empowering women through these designed programs and increased participation in the tech industry are tools through which women’s empowerment and gender equality can be addressed. By encouraging women to take on roles that are supposedly designated for men in ICT, the tech firm is playing a major role in raising an awareness. Should this continue without hatches, this could be a game changer for women in the 21st century.

It’s an old wife’s tale that a woman’s role should end in the kitchen. The number of educated women is on the increase; it will be out of place to prohibit them from the world of Information and Communication Technology because they quite understand their rights. Not only this, the knowledge of ICT fosters communication in sales and marketing positions (which are specifically ‘designed’ for women).        

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