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Cortana For Android App Got Leaked And Here’s What to Expect When It Launches


This is yet another Windows 10 update for you. We reported in May that Microsoft was going to make cortana a cross platform application. This was supposed to be launched on the 29th when the Windows 10 OS will officially launch but as usual, there’s been an earl leak of the application and Ars Technica has tested it.

First it is important to note that it worked on a Nexus 5 without crashing. “There are a few gaps; she doesn’t appear to be able to read e-mails, and so won’t pick up things like package tracking numbers or flight info. She also can’t listen for music. For the time being, at least, these features remain unique to Microsoft’s platform. Likewise, the “Quiet Hours” functionality, during which incoming calls and messages are muted when busy or asleep, and the corresponding “Inner Circle” feature, which allows some calls to break through even during Quiet Hours, are only found on Microsoft’s phone platform.” the report continued.

cortana screenshot

The major conclusion is that the app doesn’t perform optimally as it would on the Microsoft platform. On iOS and Android, you would have to activate the app in order to access its features. Android already has its own “Google Now” while iOS has Siri.

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