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Four New Environmentally Friendly Technologies


There are continuous developments in the technology sector as they strive to make technology bigger and better. In recent years, there’s been revolutionary ideas that have come to life and effectively changed how we live. In particular, there have been great praises around the innovations to improve the environment. It’s great to see that there has been some focus on reducing fossil fuels but there are still plenty of environmental issues that need to be addressed. Here are 4 technologies that are currently doing their bit to improve the environment.ener

Sunflare’s Solar Wallpaper

It’s no secret that solar power is something that many of us are aware of. However, it’s not a technology that is commonly used in everyday use. The creators at Sunflare hope to change that, creating solar wallpaper which can be used to cover most surfaces at ease. Whether it’s applied to the roof of your car or in the garden, it can be easily stored away and essentially provides every reason to use it.

ZERA’s Food Recycler

Many local governments and councils have introduced the need to recycle more through initiatives such as multi-bin schemes. Whilst it’s considered a common use nowadays, ZERA have created a food recycler that could easily abolish the use of multiple bins. The idea of the bin, designed by Whirlpool, is to turn your food waste into garden fertiliser which means you don’t have to wait months for compost to be created.

This small change can make a big difference when you think of the changes that it can make on a wider scale. The amount of waste needed to be removed from homes will be a lot less if many homes adopt it. As a result, transportation trucks can be reduced to collect the waste, all contributing to reducing environmental issues.

Environmentally Safe Plastic Bags 

Plastic can be extremely harmful to the environment, particular wild and sea life. There have been schemes to help reduce their harm (such as paying for plastic bags in supermarkets), but it hasn’t completely rectified the issues. Avani have aimed to reduce the impacts completely with the creation of plastics bags that are environmentally. The Bali-based business have made their plastic bags edible, compostable and you can even drink it! The ingredients include cassava root starch, which can be easily consumed by animals. Another fantastic innovation is it can even dissolve in warm water, which prevents it from harming wildlife.

Energy Suppliers

The development of green energy suppliers provides everyone the option to be ethical. The ability to switch energy suppliers has never been much easier with great access online or hop on a call to your local green energy supplier. It can be relatively cheap or free if you’re lucky, making it a straightforward decision to switch from your current provider. It may feel like a hassle to change to a different provider, but there is plenty of energy that will be released from your home, so it’s worth looking into how much you produce and how you much you can save the environment. 

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