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Fintech: Here Are The Essential Features Of A Fintech Solution In Today’s World


The fintech industry is growing rapidly. Every day something flings down to encounter capricious desires of the users.

The novel coronavirus gave new wings to the fin-tech industry as individuals opt to stay at home and cope with their financial and banking without personally making any visits to banks or any other financial institutions.

So if you are looking for investments in this sector then the Fintech apps are the best solutions. Finances and banking are the sectors where demand never experiences a downfall.

Ensuring all the smart investors and start-ups the continuous economic growth and expansion in this sector. While developing such apps for iOS and Android, many doubts hit hard in our brains.


Essential features of Fintech apps :

1. Personalisation

To sanction users with ultimate personalisation, gear up with artificial intelligence (AI). By incorporating AI in Fintech apps, one can trace and inspect the habits of the user in regards to his investment and expenditure. Based on his search you can reap the benefits by providing him with the best investment plans.

AI also adequately assists the doubt of users. The professionals also get a crystal clear picture of the individual preferences as to render the individual’s own experience with a combination of peculiar desires of the customers.

By rendering such personalised services in banking and finances, the users can make the correct and cost-effective decisions with his investments.


2. Artificial intelligence

With AI, businesses could improve business operations, increase their sales, predict the market, improve their customer care services and even stumble on frauds.
AI offers a plethora of things for the business:

      A. Machine learning

To predict the analysis of customer investment and spending habits with the selected users of the company.

       B. Chatbots

By facilitating customers with a platform where the doubts and queries can get solved within a short time quickly and efficiently.

      C. Robotic process automation

It enhances the potency of experts by robotizing and regulating different financial operations. With this, you can provide personalized and profitable solutions to the customers.

With AI, businesses could improve business operations, increase their sales, predict the market, improve their customer care services and even stumble on frauds. #ai #fintech… Click To Tweet


3. Data Analytics

Data entitles decision making power of an individual. Analysing data is a vital part of Fintech apps as it empowers customers with an outline of their financial campaigns. Based on their search a report is provided to the users.

The users get the following when it comes to providing the analysis of the user’s data:

      A. Report management

The end users can keep track of the summaries of their past activities in banking and finances. Mostly all the Fintech apps are using this feature.

      B. Generate Transaction Report

Generating transaction reports is nothing but generating the reports based on the past transactions of the users. This feature will be included in the upcoming years which will enable the users to keep track of their expenditure in different categories of investments.

      C. Saving goals

This feature will act as a reminder as it will facilitate the user to add personalization of goals along with making a combination of suggestions provided by the app. This feature will set a timeline for users and provide a reminder to invest in future.


4. Authentication

With enhancements in technology, the rate of Cyber Crime has increased. So it becomes pivotal for all the fintech apps to clutch the key features of securing the data of the users to a new level to safeguard the data of the users along with gaining trust that the user’s data will be encrypted and there will not be any chance of data theft as payment methods are highly secured.

Biometrics, Facial recognition is the best way to safeguard the financial data of the users.

On the other hand, measuring heartbeats and palm vein biometrics are some of the ways which will get launched soon. The user will then be able to log in by using their smartwatches or devices that count the pulse rate of an individual. The watch will compute the heartbeats and then only the access will be granted to the users. Same is the working of Palm vein biometrics.


5. Blockchain

Blockchains are the key assets of fintech apps as it enables next phase liquidity of customer’s transactions within a limited period. Blockchains organises, takes down and justifies every transaction. It even corroborates the legitimacy of the user’s transactions.

Using this feature, Fintech startups can escalate the P2P transactions without any third party involvement as it negotiates the charges for international as well as local payments.

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To bloom continuously in any industry satisfying the needs of the customers becomes an important task. These features in the fintech apps will further develop the scope by providing a safe and secure payment method to the users.


Author Bio
Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading Fintech App Development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.

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