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Google Fit Is Getting Redesigned With New Health-Tracking Rings


There’s a whole lot of Google apps that people use on a daily basis, like Chrome, Gmail, Drive, and so on—But Google Fit hasn’t really caught on like that. In an effort to improve its Android health and fitness app, Google has basically redesigned Fit to better support people’s activity and wellness goals.

Google, in partnership with American Heart Association and the World Health Organisation to help understand the science behind physical activity” and figure out how to spur people into getting more active—Which is why the new Google Fit is built around two pretty simple activity goals the update bases on recommendations it got from the AHA and WHO about how people can improve their health — those goals are called Move Minutes and Heart Points.


This feature will allow users track their progress based on how much activity they do during the week. This can track lots of different kinds of movements in a way that’s meant to be more than just a step-counter. Get your heart pumping, meanwhile, and


While this feature gives users credit for those activities — one point for each minute of moderate activity like walking your dog but making the pace a little more brisk. You get double points for more vigorous activity like running or kickboxing.

With the new update, if you enjoy a different type of workout, you can select it from a list of 120+ activities like pilates, rowing, or spinning, and Google Fit will actively track the Heart Points and Move Minutes earned during your workout—Google Fit will also integrates with your favourite apps such as Strava, Runkeeper, Endomondo, and MyFitnessPal to give you credit for every Move Minute and Heart Point you earn.

“It takes just 30 minutes of brisk walking 5 days a week to reach the AHA and WHO’s recommended amount of physical activity, which is shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, improve sleep, and increase overall mental well-being,” Google notes in a blog post today announcing the Google Fit update.

The update is already rolling out to users who already use Google Fit on their Android phone or Wear OS by Google watch over the next several days.

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