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Google’s Chrome Browser Is Now 10 years Old


Ten years of growth, moving from one good feature to better best of the next, it evolves it want we can see it as today—the most widely used internet browser in the world, Chrome. With the stack of features Available aren’t what make it so popular. There’s also a thriving community of developers that has been added to the browser with  extensions, and little pieces of software that add features that enhance our browsing experience.

Google Chrome extensions are one of the most highly valued features of the browser and many people like these extensions including myself. After all, we all spend a borderline unhealthy amount of time on the internet, whether it be researching, writing, or fact-checking stories. Here are the ways our favourites have helped us.

Clutter/tab maintenance.

While surfing the net, and you have way too many tabs open. The tab maintenance can help: Firstly the suspender can help pause the tabs after a certain amount of time so they don’t use processing power in the background, OneTab is great for condensing all the tabs you’re keeping open “to read later” into one summary tab, and Clutter Free makes sure you don’t have duplicate tabs open.


Sometimes you want to jot down a quick note but don’t want to open a word processor. Papier turns each new tab homepage into a notebook for recording quick thoughts or distraction-free writing. And everything is backed up to Chrome, so you won’t lose it later.And this is essential for most researchers who love to write something down during a research.


The Personal Blocklist extension, made by Google, filters out certain domains from your searches, so if you don’t like a certain site you don’t need to see it—Then it’s useful to block out certain unhelpful sites when Googling through a web development problem.


News lovers will love this, they can use pocket to save good stories on the browser, and with News Guard to fend against bad ones. And with Push you can send longer stories which you can read later to your Kindle using Push to Kindle. It’s distraction-free reading at its best, with no notifications or ads or messages.

Password management

A password manager is just basic internet precautions—which can be used to maintain strong passwords for every one of your internet accounts. The most popular ones are 1Password, LastPass, and Dashlane— there are pros and cons to each, and they are widely used globally. Just remember the master password—your digital life depends on it.

There are so many other extensions that keeps users glue to the 10 years old browser including me, I’ve been using the browser since it launched on OS X in 2009, and let me tell you what, I feel trapped now. This power-hogging, data-gobbling piece of software is where I spend most of my days, although not necessarily because I want it this way. As hard as I’ve tried, I just can’t quit Chrome.

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