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Here’s another list of some of the Best photo editing apps for iPhone


The iPhone is a device many are grateful for. It has come to change the way we do things. One can arguably say the iPhone pioneered the smartphone era. It has sold over 700 million units have been sold since its launch in 2007. New and more exciting features have come with each upgrade in model and one of those features is camera and entire picture quality. Just like Instagram, there are apps that give you a thrilling photo experience. The list was put together by Allyson Kazmucha of iMore

1. Enlight

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: Enlight

Amazingly powerful image editing in your pocket

Enlight offers granular controls that are advanced yet easy to work with. You can apply filters, make adjustments, change your mind, and do it all over again. Advanced features such as tone curves, custom presets, and amazingly beautiful and customizable filters have made Enlight one of my go-to image editors.

2. Afterlight

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: Afterlight

A happy balance between filters & adjustment tools

Afterlight is a lot more than just tasteful filters. There are tons of adjustment, crop, and transformation tools too. Most of which is also available in the Photos app thanks to extensions. It’s my favorite for quick edits because it’s available to me right in the Photos app. For more advanced edits, I fire up Enlight.

3. Fotograf

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: Fotograf

For film style filters and overlays

Fotograf offers lots of classic filters that you can’t find anywhere else and also lets you blend and save presets that are your own creations. There are also great adjustment tools in Fotograf to help you achieve the exact effect you’re looking for.

4. Snapseed

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: Snapseed

Super fast editing tools with unlimited possibilities

Snapseed lets you adjust almost any part of an image and then layer that over even more adjustments. You can add filters, adjust focus, and tons more. It may not be as advanced as some of the other photo editing apps available, but it’s super simple to use but manages to offer thousands of possibilities at the same time.

5. VSCO Cam

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: VSCO Cam

Edit, sync, & share all in one

VSCO Cam isn’t just an editing app, it can also replace the stock Camera app if you want it to. It can also sync all the photos you’ve edited in VSCO Cam to your other devices. VSCO Cam is well put together, easy to use, and offers some of the most user friendly editing and shooting tools available.

6. Filters

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: Filters

More filters than you can shake a stick at

Choose from over 500 filters, add overlays, and tweak your image to perfection with easy to use adjustment tools. Like Fotograf, Filters also lets you save your favorite combinations for use later. As the name implies, if you love filters, you’ve found the app for you.

7. PhotoToaster

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: PhotoToaster

Frames, effects, and adjustments galore

PhotoToaster offers a plethora of filters, frames, effects, and more that are super simple to apply and adjust. You can also view recent edits and EXIF data on your photos which is a nice added touch for anyone curious about that stuff. From selective color to touch up brushes, it’s all available with PhotoToaster, no in-app purchases required.

8. FaceTune

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: FaceTune

A must have for selfie & portrait takers

No longer do you need desktop editing software to get rid of facial blemishes, whiten teeth, or get rid of things like gray hairs. FaceTune does it all in a matter of seconds. If you’ve ever not posted a photo due to any of these things, FaceTune is for you.

9. Colors

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: Colors

Bold, fun, and colorful filters

Colors lets you apply hundreds of bold filters to existing photos and preview live filters as you take new ones. You can apply multiple colored filters to one photo, make edits, and edit them all in one place. If you’re looking to have some fun with your photos, Colors definitely delivers.

10. Adobe Lightroom

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: Lightroom

If you use Adobe Creative Cloud

Lightroom for iPhone lets you perform advanced edits, read RAW image files, and access all your Creative Cloud files on the go. It may not be for everyone but if you use Lightroom or Photoshop on the desktop and have a Creative Cloud subscription, there’s no reason not to have Lightroom on your iPhone.

11. Your picks?

Best photo editing apps for iPhone: Photo editing apps

If you do most of your photo editing right from your iPhone, what are your go to apps and why? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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