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Here’s What You Need To Know About Samsung’s Transparent Truck


Samsung is introducing what it calls a “Safety Truck” into the market should it be get approvals from authorities. In a simple YouTube Video, the electronics giant now says it can transmit real-time video captured by front cameras in front of a truck in form a display to drivers at the rare. This would apparently help drivers make informed decisions especially with regards to overtaking.


 As impressive as this sounds, this may be a costly solution for many transport companies especially African ones who still struggle to make profits. A 2014 report on Sun News Online puts Nigeria at the top of road fatalities per 100,000 every year. Nigeria accounts for highest fatalities with 33.7 percent per 100,000 population every year while the fatality figures for USA and Britain are 15 and 7 percent, respectively. There’s no doubt that some form of technology is needed to reduce these figures and the Samsung one is a welcome solution. The fatality figures for USA and Britain are 15 and seven percent, respectively. There is no doubt that some form of technology is needed to reduce these figures across the world and that makes this solution from Samsung a welcome one. Perhaps, they ought to make the full four corner display behind the truck affordable in order to attract transport companies to buy into this.

Another solution could be something that would be launching in the US net year according to Verge called a Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication which is a form of networked intelligence whereby your car transmits data about its position, direction, and speed, and receives the same about cars around it. It can thus issue alerts about unsafe driving by others or notify of any collisions ahead even before any other drivers have had the time to react. I can already hear activist talking about privacy here as networks of this nature can easily be hacked into and f this were to be carried out say terrorists, you can imagine how a single wrong information on a highway can affect others.

The Samsung “Safe Truck” solution uses a wireless camera but the cost of the huge display may be a challenge especially in developing nations.




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