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Holiday Hardware Shopping Guide



With the holiday season approaching, this is the perfect time to think about buying presents at lower prices. Even if you don’t like Black Friday, you’ll find discounts all through December. And with hundreds of fantastic offers everywhere around you, it’s not hard to decide whether to purchase high quality hardware or not, but what to buy. But, don’t worry – here’s a short guide that might help you, depending on your price range.

Budget Purchase


All those who think they can’t find decent hardware for under $100 couldn’t be further from the truth – as a matter of fact, you can easily find something suitable for under $20! Depending on what you need, a great gaming mouse, a fantastic wireless headset or even a high-end webcam may cost less than you think.

When it comes to budget purchasing, the price is everything. That’s why you shouldn’t limit your search to your local computer stores, but try Amazon or other reliable online retailers. But, think about the quality as well – with webcams, for example, it’s important to see the offer and decide which option appeals to you the most. If you, on the other hand, are not into browsing and searching, just pick Logitech C920 and you’ll surely be happy with the purchase.

Mid-Ranger Purchase

Gigabyte windforce

For those with a slightly deeper pocket, other options suddenly become available – a better gaming monitor, some of high quality PC cases and even a comfortable chair that can support your back during those endless hours you have to spend behind the desk. As soon as your budget becomes higher, you stop thinking about mediocre options and go for something more serious – and during the holiday season, you can get something quite pricey for a moderate amount of money.

For example, the holidays are a great time to treat yourself to a great graphics card for gaming. These little things are something most people take for granted and don’t think too much about them. However, gamers value graphic cards more than anything in the world as they make the difference between an average and exceptional gaming experience. With so many trustworthy brands to choose from – MSI, Gigabyte, Leadtek and Asus, for example – picking the perfect graphic card won’t be easy. But, whichever you opt for, be sure it will make a huge difference in your gaming life.

High-End Purchase

Gaming pc

Now, if you really want to go all out and get something absolutely special, think only about new PCs and how to assemble the right combination of components. While most users purchase an entirely new PC without even considering altering its configuration, those with more experience think long and hard about each and every part of their brand new computer. From CPU and motherboard to power supply and coolers – all of these items don’t have to cost much when bought individually, but when combined into a unique configuration, they cost up to several thousands of dollars.

Nevertheless, with the holiday season discounts approaching, you’ll easily find offers like these at affordable prices. Combining an Intel Core i7 processor with a Gigabyte X99 motherboard and a Gigabyte GTX 1080 graphics card, for instance, will give your machine more power than you could imagine and enable it not only for serious multitasking, but also for extreme gaming. And what more could you wish for?

The Holiday Spirit

While everyone around you is planning how to spend their Christmas and New Year’s Eve, take the opportunities that are available to you and find great hardware offers online – and if you do it on time, you won’t have to wait till the holiday season is over for your delivery to arrive!

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