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Trends To Make Your E-Commerce Website More Trendy


The online shopping or window shopping has been constantly changing at a rapid pace.

This change in the individual’s shopping patterns is asking for a revolutionary change and there’s no doubt how the E-commerce website giants are surviving.

These giants are constantly changing their websites along with that the websites are made according to the needs of the individuals who love to shop online.

The online shopping trends have been changing frequently and the global pandemic forced everyone to purchase their products online without stepping out of their homes.

As the habits of the individuals are changing it is no surprise that the E-commerce design must evolve within the same span of time.

All the E-commerce design trends that will take your website to the next level and all the cutting edge technologies such as VR, AI and all the other attractive technologies that can attract new customers must be integrated in the E-commerce website.

Personalization and better usability across the countless devices will help to gain as many customers as the website owner wishes.

Let’s get into the core of the blog. What are the latest trends of this year which can make your E-commerce website more trendy.


1. Motion in Product images

2020 is indeed the year which calls out for revolutionary changes in each and every sector of the economy. The E-commerce design trends must consider more advanced visuals starting with the motion designs.

Static images might not work more in attracting new customers, more dynamic the images the more the customers can get attracted to it.

Looking at more videos, GIF’s and animated pictures appears catchy and gains the attraction of the customers.

E-commerce websites must include such moving pictures and their images which grabs the attention easily.


2. Unconventional Grid Layouts

For many years, the square grid layout has been dominating the E-commerce industry.

Strict rows and columns of the same size products keep everything structured, makes the browser much more efficient and easier and can even work well for responsive design.

Some brands are afraid to get into experiments as they think that they might even end up losing the existing customers.

Including such a grid for the website is something unique and as far as I have researched on this blog there are hardly few websites which follow their dynamic patterns which makes them stand alone from the rest of the websites.

This is the one of the best ways to become a monopolistic competitor in the industry.

This will attract millennials as it’s edgy, modern and useful across every industry.

If the website developer designs the site in an accurate manner it can surely attract more customers. The website developer can strategically highlight and consider the best sellers without even overtly pointing out them.


3. Landing Page-Products hybrid

All the E-commerce design trends keep on revolving around the idea that the shoppers even start at the homepage of the site and then search for a product which they were looking for.

While this still appears true for some shoppers, plenty of other approaches have come up in the past few years which even surpasses the homepage in a complete manner.

Ads and social media posts are the best ways to get customers to the direct page of the product that they are looking for. This feature can prevent customers from getting to the homepage.
E-Commerce web designers are adding many elements which are found on landing pages with the page designs.

The hybrids which are structured in a different manner appear like mini-stores, centred around the single product or even categories with clear vision that makes it even much more easy to explore the rest of the site.


4. Branded Shipping boxes

One thumb rule for branding is that one should never miss an opportunity.

Product packages and branding have huge importance and this importance of branding is known to many companies.

When it comes to online shopping and shipping, they have much more to do.

O yes! They can pack the products with the brand names and the overall shipping box must be made so attractive and catchy that everyone looking at the product gets the name of the E-commerce website from where the order got placed.

Customized and personalized shipping and delivery boxes are performing more; it just doesn’t promote the brands but it also helps in making the customers much more excited about the delivery of their products and even they get the loyal customers.

There is a huge chance to make advertisements on the special features, websites, social media and even more than your brand colours.

There are some companies that are even providing extra by using the Eco-Friendly boxes and packaging.


5. Personal product description and quizzes

Just like any other industry, everything when made personalized adds colours to the product.

This year 2020 specifically focuses on customization as it appears as an approach which is made exclusive for them.

While the more rigid format of promotional description and even the bullet points has always been a cornerstone for all the product pages for decades.

The online stores are now approaching something which is less mechanical.

The more humane approach can get added in the description of the product where we can talk about the use cases, testimonials and even recommendations and reviews from the existing customers of the same products.

E-Commerce personalization can get compiled with such product features and it can be a huge progress for the website in the long run.


Concluding Lines

These are the top 5 trends which must be adopted by every E-commerce site to make their website look different as well as which matches the requirements of the customers.

E-commerce websites must be made attractive and catchy. All the things mentioned above will surely attract new customers to the website and even entertain the existing customers.

Though there are many trends apart from the trends discussed above. As per my research these trends appear the best and as soon as such trends are adopted. The website owner can reap the benefits from it.


Author’s Bio
James Vargas is an experienced business expert, startup business consultant, assistance in trademark registration, E-commerce website development, and marketing head at Get Everything Delivered. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.

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