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5 Mobile Trends The World Should Be Ready For In Post COVID Era


The pandemic we are facing today is going to change the way we see the world. It has affected not only the way we live but also our economies. It has transformed how we go about our daily lives and surely it is never going to be the same as pre-pandemic times. On one hand, the outbreak of COVID-19 has forced businesses to reduce their operations, affecting the bottom lines, on the other hand, it has helped organizations to accelerate technological advancements. This actually settles with innovations that reduce human-to-human contact, automate processes, and increase productivity amid social distancing.

Since there is a lot of data and trends that become usual, there is enough space for businesses to adjust to challenges that are brought by the pandemic. Some advancements have helped us survive the situation, while others could help us emerge stronger the other end.


Let’s check here the 5 Trends that the world should be ready for in the post COVID era

5G Takes the World by Surprise

The buzz in the tech world is, 5G technology and its impact on the gen-next is going to be more than mere talks. The news has been in the air for over the last few years and yet the impact is nowhere to be seen. The modified and advanced version of 4G technology isn’t just an extended version, instead, it’s an entirely new network structure. It is strong enough to hold the potential to evolve the way mobile networks function. Telecom providers have been really lethargic in offering 5G services to the people in general.

Cloud Computing Digs It Well

As the coronavirus spreads, individuals had to telecommute and web-based learning models were executed, the interest for cloud-based video conferencing and educating has soared. Different cloud service providers have effectively updated their functioning and extended support to fulfill the need including any use of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. In China, Youku and Ding Talk (an across the board stage under Alibaba Group) propelled the “Going to Class at Home” program to give students a safe learning environment and advantageous learning tool. The “Online Classroom” work, which is made accessible for students of colleges, essential and center schools across China without charges during the pandemic, can look after a huge number of students who would take online classes all the while and have transformed schools in immense provincial zones.

Artificial Intelligence Plays the Trick (AI)

No matter how hard the world tries nothing is going to be similar to pre-pandemic standards inpPost-COVID-19 era. Customers will buy more stuff and services online thus adding to the trends of remote working. As various organizations explore the post-COVID-19 world as economies bit by bit revive, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be of greater significance in helping them adjust to these new patterns.

Artificial intelligence will be especially valuable for those inside retail and flexibly chain ventures. Through AI and information examination, AI will enable these organizations to recognize new buying patterns and deliver a more prominent customized understanding to online clients.

Greater Dimensions for Virtual Reality/Artificial Reality (VR/AR)

Not just has this pandemic expanded the number of individuals utilizing VR headsets to play computer games, explore virtual travel goals and participate in online tours, as they disconnect at home, they’re expected to utilize this technology to look for human connection through social VR stages, for example, Rec Room, AltspaceVR, Bigscreen, and VRChat.

Organizations have also been trying different things with VR stages to prepare employees, hold meetings, work together on ventures, and associate representatives for all intents and purposes. For instance, researchers worldwide have gone to Nanome, a VR programming stage for atomic structure, to work together on coronavirus examination and likely medicines.

Natural Language Purposing in Mobile Applications

As customers are turning out to be progressively worried that their cell phones (which are contacted in excess of 2,600 times each day) can spread coronavirus. As the dread of spreading germs develops, so will the utilization of voice tech, which can diminish the occasions one contacts any surface, including our cell phones.

Last Thoughts

The consequence of COVID-19 will probably be like other worldwide emergencies, in that it will significantly quicken a few significant patterns that were at that point well in progress before the pandemic. As associations move their concentration towards recuperation, they should keep on putting resources into the computerized change activities this pandemic likely constrained them to adjust by proceeding to use versatile advances. By keeping awake-to-date on developing advancements, for example, the ones recorded above, organizations will situate themselves to excel when this stands. As we’ve learned, organizations that can move innovation limit and speculations to versatile stages will alleviate the business dangers related with the COVID-19 pandemic and keep their organizations running easily now, and over the long haul.


Author’s Bio 

Scarlett is a technical writer interested in Mobile Application development and is associated with A3logics. With a keen eye on all the advancements, the technology has in store, she is generally found reading journals and training the team. A tech geek by nature, in her leisure time, she loves to visit nearby cafes and enjoy some coffee with a book.
Catch her here.

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