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How Is Cloud Technology Aiding The Food And Beverage Sector?


In every business sector, the common thing is competition. Entrepreneurs from different sectors are looking to adopt the latest technology that makes them ahead in the competition. Food and Beverage sector is not an exceptional industry. Here also food business owners are trying to improve their sales and want to expand their business in multiple locations. It is not an easy task, they have to face a lot of problems like financial, opportunities, etc. Cloud Technology is a solution to all kinds of problems faced by the food & beverage sector people.

What is Cloud Computing

In simple terms cloud computing involves the hosting services through the internet that means storing or accessing the data over the internet instead of the hard device on your business premises. It is divided into three types:

  1. Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)
  2. Platform-as-a-service(PaaS)
  3. Software-as-a-Service(SaaS)

Impact of Cloud Computing in Food & Beverage Sector

  1. Grow faster at a reduced cost

For opening a business in a new location requires a lot of investment and with the help of cloud solutions, business owners can quickly open in a new location with less cost. How it happens, usually there is a requirement for hardware, resource and a consultant has to fix the server on the site. But in terms of cloud technology it is done in advance and all the terminals are plugged in, switched on, and connected to a system in the cloud. So the cost will become less and it reduces the risk associated with the Project.

  1. Respond quickly to opportunities

The food and drink industry is moving quickly. You must be in a position to

Make new ideas available to the market within days, not weeks or months. However, It is really important to identify and respond to anything that doesn’t work so well, be it a menu item, or a promotion. Cloud Technology Enables you to put your ideas into practice much faster than a Non-cloud business, it gives you the ability to test and the improvements you intend to make can be reviewed centrally before you introduce it in various locations. As per the survey made by Harvard Business, 74 percent of businesses said that cloud has Provided competitive advantage for their organization.

  1. Data Security

There is a bad impact on your brand and relationship with your guests & staff if there is no security for the data. By using cloud technology it is easy to provide better security and it is possible because the data is not stored in the local database and cloud provides a world-class security infrastructure for your central data.

  1. Boost revenue potential with off-premises ordering

If you are trying to expand and increase your customer base revenues without the size of the premises increasing, then there is a huge potential to order off-premises. With the strength of Cloud, orders put via mobile devices, tablets or you can attach Desktop PCs directly to your existing systems for fulfilment. There is no need for separate Web channels or Mobile orders means fewer headaches for the IT department or on-site workers as systems are simplified and streamlined. It also significantly increases the opportunity for profit and makes sure consumers gain a clear brand experience.

  1. Technology Upgrades

Most beverage operators need to schedule their activities in-terms of IT upgrades. These could take weeks or months to finish, cost money and energy and also keep Upgrading strategic initiatives. With the help of cloud technology upgrades happen frequently and consistently. So you can take full advantage of new functionality by saving money and time.   

  1. Consistency and Flexibility

The challenge that is faced by many food & beverage companies is the consistency of service, cost and promotions. Cloud technology empowers you to manage every point-of-sale (POS) terminal, manager’s workstation, kitchen system, and connected mobile device in each location from a central office. If there is a necessity to add menu items you can add a new menu item within 24 hours to every point of the scale.

  1. Better Decision Making through Data

How much revenue in the lunchtime has made in your latest location.

In accordance with the forecast? So how many guests can use discounts

Or promotional offers? What locations have better sales per employee?

All this data and more will help you make sound business decisions. But if you run different systems in various locations or systems. It is hard to pull the data integrated &   while the reports are collected manually, revenue would be lost or missing strategic opportunities

Cloud Computing or Cloud Solutions enables data from every location and is instantly visible in real-time so that you can see what exactly happens at any given enterprise Momentum. Reports may be provided weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports within seconds, instead of taking days to prepare. Cloud provides access to data whenever you need it, Maybe from your desktop computer or mobile app

  1. Global Expansion

Expanding globally isn’t easy. Ensuring standard service, quality of the food, menus and promotions can be a major challenge, Whether you open your own stores or have partnerships with Franchisees. Cloud technology lets you have even more control over what’s happening worldwide in your locations — a single global network providing multilingual and budgetary assistance and it enables you to be consistent, without limiting your ability to adapt to local needs. Also, a cloud built system is also built for latency, Which means maximizing speed and performance.

  1. Handle staff and inventory costs

Staff and inventory represent the two most food-service operations

costs in the balance sheet. Cloud computing will  help you control both of these areas and minimize unnecessary costs. Inventory reports can be sent to all local Managers and chief executives in real-time. This offers data for the head office teams and can be used to negotiate better deals with suppliers. Local-level Managers can monitor day to day stock levels and minimize stock levels Waste and garbage. Staff scheduling can also be more efficiently managed to minimize under- or over-personnel jobs.


I hope you get a clear idea about how cloud technology is beneficial to food and beverages in various ways. Get help from cloud services providers for integrating cloud technology into your business and take your business to the next level.

Author Bio

Vinay Varma is a technical writer of App Development Company. He has written on various topics including mobile app development and other technologies related topics .He always wants to gain and share her knowledge with the people who want to learn new things in latest app technologies.

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