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10 Best Sales Automation Tools And Software For Business Automation


The way to advance ahead in 2020 in your Business fields is through the process of Automating. Gone are the days where manual labor was the key to achieving goals. 

So, What do you understand by Business Automation? 

Business Automation is nothing but the use of technology-enabled automation software in places where tiresome, manual, and tedious tasks can be taken over by technology. 

✓ It helps in achieving maximum efficiency by cutting unnecessary costs and streamlining processes. 

✓ It ultimately gives a business more time to spend on improving quality in terms of their product or service and to enhance the overall performance of the business. 

That’s exactly where Sales Automation comes into play


So, What is Sales Force Automation? 

Sales Automation is the process of streamlining all the mundane repetitive administration tasks of the sales team and replacing it with a software. 

This helps the sales representatives to take care of more demanding key areas such as servicing clients or breaking the deals with them by sparing them more time. 

Sales Automation is one of the ways businesses achieve maximum efficiency in the way the business operates. 

According to Research, Sales Force Automation increases the deal closures by 30% with an 18% reduction in sales-cycle and a 14% reduction in sales administration time.

Isn’t it surprising just how one software tool can help you achieve so many goals?

So in this blog today, we are going to discover the top 10 Sales Automation tools and Software for Business Automation that will help you achieve your business goals. 

Top 10 Sales Automation Tools and Software for Business Automation

1. PeppyBiz

PeppyBiz is considered to be an Automation tool that takes care of your Sales like a pro. It provides you with solutions for your inbound marketing.  It has multifaceted features that take care of your Emails, manages your list effectively, and provides Customer Relationship Management at all stages.  

This tool helps in getting your targeted leads, helps you analyze your data with customizations, and thereby helps you boost your sales. This tool is a boost for small and medium-size enterprises as it can help you automate your Business effectively. 

  Some of the multifaceted features of PeppyBizz are:

  • It is an effective tool to target potential leads. 
  • It helps in introspecting customer’s issues and serves in the best possible way. 
  • It is an effective tool for automating tasks and tickets and tracking activities. 
  • It also helps in offering valuable customer assistance through chat support and ticket management system.
  • It helps you to effectively look into the data and find out inefficiencies in the sales cycle to improve productivity.
  • It is user friendly and can be easily configured in the system. 

2. Salesforce Sales Cloud 

SalesForce is considered to be one of the best Automation Softwares for both small and large enterprises. It is not just a Sales Force Automation but a 360-degree Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software. It helps in targeting potential customers, closing deals, and facilitating faster growth of accounts. 


No tool comes without its pros and Cons and this one is no different. 

Some of the reasons why this Software tops the list are as follows:

  • It’s a great track recorder for automatically recording meetings and tracking emails 
  • It’s a cost-effective tool that focuses on managing leads, accounts, and opportunities.
  • It’s a great tool to create custom dashboards as per your needs 
  • It also helps in saving time from the custom’s ends too with customer self-service 
  • It’s a quick start and very simple to manage tool 

One of the unique features of this Automation tool that sets it apart from the crowd is the fact that Salesforce Sales Cloud has a strong niche in the 3 most emerging CRM Hotspots: Namely Cloud, Mobility, and Cloud Integration. 

Let’s jump to another great Sales Automation Tool that is quite popular for Business Automation. 


3.  Oracle NetSuite 

If you’re targeting to have an integrated sales process, this is your right hand for Automating your Sales in your business. It takes care of you on multiple stages. It majorly focuses on forecasting your sales, managing your orders, their fulfillment, and sales commission.

Like SalesForce, Oracle NetSuite also made it to this list due to the following reasons:

  • It’s a great tool for better financial planning as it helps to forecast sales better
  • It’s a smart tool that supports automated data input
  • It gives you an option to customize your dashboard that suits your needs 
  • It helps you analyze and process better to take more profitable decisions 
  • It’s an efficient tool that takes up a lot of tasks and helps improve employee productivity.

Oracle Netsuite is known for the unprecedented visibility it creates in the organization. It effectively works on managing the accounts and improves the customer relationship immensely. 


4. Hubspot CRM 

Hubspot CRM is a valuable power pack of all things in one. It covers you in all aspects and provides a satisfying User Experience by increasing your sales and marketing productivity. It is known for its inbound marketing and its premium features that take your sales cycle to another level. 

The tool has got you covered from sending follow up email by personalized subject lines to the clients, thereby making a great relationship for sales representatives. The tool also takes care of you in other aspects such as automating tasks, predictions, creating deals and helping you out with document templates for ease apart from the basic automating functionalities. 


5. Zendesk Sell 

Zendesk Sell is another Sales Force Automation tool for you if you want to upscale your support operations in your Sales Cycle. It helps you become efficient by helping the team become more productive, by streamlining the processes and maintaining real-time visibility in the sales team. It also covers you in catering to the client-side of your business. 

Zendesk Sell offers you a flexible ticket managing system, multi-channel support that covers you in forecasting, assigning management, and great integrated customer support too. One of the best features of this tool is that it helps you scale your operations with smart self-services by improving resolution rates and cutting down operations wherever necessary.  


6. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales 

This tool that is powered by AI helps you scale your operations. This tool has built a name for itself in the market by offerings that actually help businesses build a great relationship with the clients. It empowers the sales team by targeting the right buyers based on their actual needs. 

One of the best features of this tool is that it really focuses on relationship management as it gives you access to the social data which helps sales representatives strike relevant, informational, and productive conversations with potential leads and clients. The tool can adapt and help facilitate better decision making processes. It gets you covered on the basic functionalities too such as lead tracking, maintaining sales processes, advanced insights, integrated communications, and data-driven feedback. 


7. Pipedrive 

As the name suggests, this tool helps your business’ Sales pipeline drive more results by offering enhanced administration support to your team. This tool also drives up the visibility of multiple pipelines for improving efficiency. 

The tool gets you covered in managing your pipeline, sales administration automation, sales reporting, sales forecasting, integrating emails, and other basic features. It promises easy accessibility and advanced customizations to suit your needs. The tool also promises to take away all your common sales struggles. Pipedrive focuses on activity-based selling and thereby helps you improve productivity. One of the best features is also it’s strong follow up suite on each and every deal which increases the probability of closing the deal. 


8. Bpm’Online Sales 

This is another strong contender on our list of top Automation Software tools as it has created a name for itself by its strong suit of contact management. It is well suited for mid-size and large companies for growing business by Automating Sales as it has robust Sales Automation functionalities. 

Bpm’Online supports you by giving you a 360-degree customer view. It also includes managing your field sales, managing your leads, maintaining a documentation flow, and forecasting. It is also known for its easily configurable APIs and for providing reliable communication support through live chat, phone, bots, etc. 


9. Bitrix 24 

Bitrix 24 is a tool that is used by more than a hundred thousand users already because of its multi-functionality. It is primarily a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform but it also provides great Sales Force Automation functions. Due to this, it a widely chosen tool by Small and Medium businesses and even those looking to venture out. 

The integrated software provides you with a huge list of sales automation features such as pipeline management, document management, tasking, online payments, and social network management. It is a complete workspace Software to take care of all your work in one place and gives you a diversity of functions. 


10. Salesflare 

Salesflare is a simple and very easy to use yet powerful Customer Relationship Management Software. It is a widely used tool and it helps in targeting the opportunities in the best possible manner. 

It automatically automates all the data into the system, keeps a track of all meetings and calls, takes care of documentation, follows up, provides insights, and maintains a visual pipeline to increase efficiency in the sales team. It helps you work together as a team, easily and in an advanced manner that ultimately increases your productivity and helps your business grow.



As we discussed above, there are so many Software and tools that offer the same multi automation functionalities. 

There is no one particular Sales Automation tool that can be said to be the best Sales Automation Software tool as all of these caters to different needs. 

The selection of the Sales Automation that you should opt requires a thorough analysis of your goals, assessing your needs and requirements, and align all of these with the best ones available in the market that fulfills your needs.

But what is sure is the fact that Sales Automation is the revolutionary effective tool for Business Automation and to sustain your territory in this always advancing industry, it’s time for you to choose the best Sales Automation tool

Author’s Bio

Sara Williams

Sara is a Content Writer at PeppyBiz. She is not only a creative writer but also paints a beautiful canvas. She makes sure that you are left with no doubt about keeping up with marketing and sales.

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