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More Than 50 Percent Of Web Page Requests Now Through HTTPS As Google Moves To Standardise It


HTTPS (HyperText Transport Protocol Secure; which is used to access secret servers on the web) now accounts for more than 50 percent of all web pages loaded through Google Chrome on desktop. Google has been tracking HTTPS connections since 2015 and that is of course for those who opt to share this information with them. In its transparency report, it shows that’s HTTPS connection through its Chrome browser on any of the major desktop operating systems (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and Mac), more users now prefer to connect to more secure sites.


On mobile, the figure is still below the 50 percent mark. So taking Android for example, HTTPS accounted for 40 percent for all page loads and this is up 10 percent from April 2015.

Just on Friday, Google encouraged those who haven’t migrated their sites to HTTPS to consider doing as the benefits go beyond just an extra security layer. “HTTPS currently enables the best performance the web offers and powerful features that benefit site conversions, including both new features such as service workers for offline support and web push notifications, and existing features such as credit card autofill and the HTML5 geolocation API that are too powerful to be used over non-secure HTTP.”

In September, the internet giant announced that it would start warning users of HTTP sites that transmit confidential information which is a step to eventually flagging all not HTTPS sites in future. Emily Schechter who is a member of the Chrome Security Team said In following releases, we will continue to extend HTTP warnings, for example, by labelling HTTP pages as “not secure” in Incognito mode, where users may have higher expectations of privacy. Eventually, we plan to label all HTTP pages as non-secure, and change the HTTP security indicator to the red triangle that we use for broken HTTPS.

Moving over to HTTPS is quite easy according to Google. Well, whether you agree with this or not, Google is going to start re-routing all HTTP web requests made on Google.com through HTTPS.

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