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6 Best Frameworks For PHP Developers


Language is the proof that humans have evolved to such an extent where we can make meaningless sounds possess meaning. Just like humans and our world, computers and the entire virtual realm is also created with pieces of syllables, words, phrases and special characters. That’s right; this is the coding that forms the framework of the online world. The most popular coding language out there is PHP, which is especially preferred due to its open source license and compatibility with various platforms and mediums.

PHP has evolved to a great extent with the passage of time as developers needed to build more complex, reliable and secure systems.

Here are a few reasons why linguistic frameworks like PHP are a boon for developers today:

  • Faster development rate
  • Enables the creation of well-organized, maintainable and reusable code
  • Increased scalability as far as apps are concerned
  • Helps in creation of more secure systems
  • Can help in the separation of application and presentation logic through the use of MVCs (Model-View-Controller)
  • Promotes the utilization of processes such as object-oriented programming tools

Check out some of these PHP frameworks that can help you become proficient in the art of coding in no time to provide good PHP development services!



When it comes to popularity, Laravel, especially in past few years, has been on the .fingertips of every developer out there. Don’t believe me? Well, according to Sitepoint’s recent online survey,it has gained immense popularity among developers after its launch in 2011. The main reason for its popularity among developers is due to the fact that its official website offers many screencast tutorials called Laracasts.These interactive and immensely entertaining videos will make coding in PHP a cakewalk for you.

Laravel has features that make development seem as simple and easy as whipping up a sandwich. It has its own light-weight template creation engine called “Blade” as well as anelegant syntax that helps you perform frequently neededtasks such as authentication,Restful routingcaching, sessions and queuing with considerable ease.

Bonus:Laravel also includes a local development environment called Homestead that is a packaged Vagrant box.



Codeigniter is one of those mature and lightweight PHP frameworks that are more than ten years old, released in 2006. This framework will make you feel like you are coding with a wise old wizard who teaches you magic spells that have the power to change the very fabric of the virtual realm. Codeigniter is extremely easy to install and requires minimal configuration to get started, which is a huge reliefwhen compared to other frameworks. However, the best thing about Codeigniter is that it works like a charm on almost all shared and dedicated hosting versions of the PHP language. Currently, it can run on versionsincluding PHP 5.2.4 to higher.

We don’t mean to break your bubble but,CodeIgniter does not follow the MVC development pattern.Using Controller classes is a must while Models and Views are optional. You can also use your own coding and naming conventions, which is a liberating factor for developers.



Yii2is the most beefed up amongst all other PHP frameworks owing to the immense speed that it provides you with. If all PHP frameworkswere considered as soldiers, Yii2 could be described as Captain American, owing to a large degree of efficiency and upgraded features as compared to the other frameworks. Yii2 is purely object-oriented and isbased on the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) coding concept, which helps in providing a clean and logical code base. Now who doesn’t want that?

Yii2 comes with a package of integrated features inside it like jQuery, Bootstrap, as well as aset of AJAX-enabled features. An important dimension of this framework is that it enables a considerable increase in efficiency and speed as far as skinning and theming mechanisms are concerned. The Basic and Advanced template options that Yii2 provides allows accessibility to numerous other development features. To top it all off, Yii2 comes with a powerful class code generator called Gii that allows the easy and efficient generation of object-oriented modules from database connections.


4.Zend Framework

Zend is a robust and stable PHP framework that brings along an arsenal of mind-blowing configuration options. Owing to the large degree of freedom that it provides in terms of configuration settings, it is usually not recommended for smaller projects but is considered excellent for more complex ones. Zend is a trusted framework used bybig players like IBM, Microsoft, Google and Adobe to name a few.There’s more! There’s an upcoming major releaseoptimized for PHP 7, however, it would still support versions from PHP 5.5 onwards.

The current version of Zend(Zend Framework 2) is excellent itas it containsnumerous unique features like PHP Unit testing tools,cryptographic coding tools, a connected Database Wizard,instant online debugging, andan easy-to-use drag and drop editor with support for front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).Moreover, Zend is one of those frameworks which have been created using the Agile methodology, owing to which the framework has been customized and designed in a way that it fits with the latest advancements and upgrades.



This mouthwatering and delicious PHP framework is an old one but has made it to the list owing to the never-say-die attitude that it has adopted by keeping up with the latest PHP versions. The most recent Cake PHP release, designated as (3.0), has enhanced session management,has decoupled some components to increase efficiency in modularity, and possesses enhanced creation abilities as far as standalone libraries are concerned.

Several big players like BMW, Hyundai and Express, utilize this framework in their servers. As far as security is concerned, Cake PHP literally takes the cake, owing to its in-built security features such as input validation, XSS (cross-site scripting) prevention, SQL injection prevention, CSRF (cross-site request forgery) protection and so on.



Slim is that friend of yours who always helps you with small things in life and never disappoints you. It is themost reliable micro framework designed for smaller apps. Initially,Slim’s creator was inspired by a Ruby micro-framework called Sinatra. Classy, right?

Slim is used by several PHP developers for developing numerous services and RESTful APIs.Slim comes with features such as session and cookie encryption, client-side HTTP caching,URL routing, and supporting “flash” messages across HTTP requests. Slim will not disappoint you when it comes to getting started with it, essentially helping you navigate through the setup like a guided tour.

So choose your poison as far as PHP frameworks are concerned. These essential weapons will help you conquer any coding problem or conquest that you may need to overcome. Go on now, explore!


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