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Samsung Made “Huge” Profits On Revenue As S8 Mobile Sales Booms In Second Quarter


Samsung Galaxy S8 with its remarkable and completely unique features and it’s worth every money — it feels like something different entirely. High dimensional camera, slim , flexible and portable body, with a face recognition security unlocking system , high 3D display mode, oh yeah it’s simply amazing. Samsung has giving their best for these series and its seems to be working for them as their second quarter earning record on revenue shown high increase over the last three month prior to the release of the s8 series which has beats every expectation.

Samsung has confirmed having a wonderful second quarter with its its sales of the long anticipated Galaxy s8 which has been on the booming side over the last  three month of its launch and it’s said the new device has outsold the S7 series in almost all regions.

The company also said its was impacted more by the device prices, and there have been a great increase in earning quarter on quarter following the S series 8  and 8+ launch and its is anticipating a greater marketing cost on the horizon to support the next Galaxy Note device about to roll out to the public and its hope but a higher revenue from the its sale too when officials launched.

In a report , the company explained how it’s operating profit for the IT & Mobile business for the quarter which is 30th of June made over KRW 4.06 trillion ($3.64 billion) which was compared to the initial earring of KRW 3.43 trillion of last year and on revenue it made up to KRW 30.01 trillion from KRW 26. 56 trillion of last year.

For its network business it made a solid profit and its revenue were maintained due to its increased in LTE investment from major partners and its making plans to expand its LTE , with hope turning it into a major mobile network market and also  it will focus on other next generation network such as LOT so as to have different and multiple source of income and thereby increasing its sales and revenue in more years to come.

The company reported a growth in its net profit of about KRW 11.05 trillion which it’s far higher compared to last year KRW 5.85 trillion and on general sales it made KRW 61 trillion who was high up from initial KRW 50. 94 trillion made last year , and it’s ready to developing new engines and making more strategic marketing and plans thereby securing last eat and advance technologies to give nothing but the best through the M&A technology.

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