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The Samsung Galaxy X “Foldable” Smartphone May Soon Be A Reality


Foldable/bendable device?? Wow I have been trying so hard to imagine how the phone will look like, or feel like when held or how I will type using it when I want to chat, this should be the first I have seen with a dual screen. The device has long been rumoured and it might be put sooner than expected as it has passed through the Bluetooth special interest group(SIG) and it has been given a model number which is SM-G888N0.

Galaxy X

Samsung is working to bring the dual smartphone to the market and it’s amazing to think they will do all they can to see these concept gets approval before it can be launched. The company reveal its model number and phone doesn’t seem to resemble any of the Samsung existing smartphones and it has recently passed through the Bluetooth device standard which means we could be seeing the device soon.

According to the model number as revealed by Samsung, its shows that this device will be part of a new series that is different from the Note and Galaxy series that we know, this same model number was recently certified by the Wi-Fi certificate company. The device is said to be operating on android 6.0.1 and uses Bluetooth of 4.2 and this is still in the testing mode , but accord to reports, the final version will hit the market with Bluetooth 5.0.

The Samsung Galaxy X is said to have a flexible OLED panels which is connected by a hinge, dual display prototype component which makes the phone foldable, in an report from  the Korean Publication written , it made mention that Samsung is teasing the dual screen and it might be the early and recent version of the foldable devices and are already placing orders for the necessary component needed for the completion of the device and is said to be launched between the third quarter of this year or the first quarter of 2018.

If you have ever thought of a foldable device, and what it will feel like to use it then you got to wait for this. The company last week announced and showed off how the prototype will look like and how the folio will be a 7.8 inch tablet with a hinge and it can also be transformed and folded into a 5.5 inch dual screen smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S

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