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Samsung To Launch Its Own Pay To Rival Apple And Goolge. How About African Launch Dates?


First it was Apple Pay, then Android Pay and now Reuters is reporting that Samsung Pay is due to launch in the US and South Korea around September this year. This will then see it expand to China and Europe eventually.

Rhee Injong, a Samsung executive vice president, told investors at a company event in Seoul that the firm is looking at a “September time frame” for the initial launch of the mobile payments service in South Korea and the U.S., coinciding with the launch of the firm’s next flagship smartphone model.

Mobile payments are becoming a trend among smartphone makers. The report mentions launches in South America and Australia which obviously makes Africa the only one left out. It took PayPal a while to resume operations in Nigeria after suspending their services in Nigeria and nine other African nations after fraud concerns. The African continent has over 1 billion resident with mobile subscription now at over 800 million. Not just that, it is estimated that there are over 350 million smart phone users on the African continent with that number projected to grow even bigger by 2020.

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