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How Smart House Technology Is Making Home Life Easier


Welcome to a new decade where smart technology is affordable! What used to be reserved for the elite and wealthy is now making life easier for everyone. In an age where the majority of people own a smartphone, companies are rushing to capitalize on products that can be controlled remotely by apps. Now is the perfect time to discover life with smart technology and learn how you can upgrade your home for ease, comfort, and safety.

Security Simplified

Security systems used to be large, expensive, low-resolution, and hard-wired into your electrical system. Today, you can find many versions that can run remotely through your Wi-Fi connection, capture high-quality video or images, and can be fully controlled through an app on your phone. Various models offer two-way communication with people on the other side, have motion or sound detection, and can produce ear-piercing alarm sounds. Smart security systems are perfect for protecting your possessions or monitoring your pets when you’re not home.   


Ease of Access

Not only can you automate your home, but you can automate your entry too! There are many types of keyless door locks that range from simple digital combinations to smart versions that can be remotely locked and unlocked with your smartphone. Opting for the app-controlled versions can come in handy when you want to let friends and family into your home before you get there. And if you’re one of those people who has trouble holding onto keys, a smart door lock will never leave you locked out of the house again!


Personalized Comfort

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When the kids are at school and the adults are at work in the colder seasons, homeowners often turn down the heat to save on utility costs. That means when you get home, the house is chilly and uninviting. Smart thermostats give you the option to use an app on your smartphone and remotely turn the heat or air conditioning (AC) on or off and also set schedules to accommodate your schedule. This can come in handy if you go on vacation and forget to adjust the thermostat.


Just Right Lights

Motion detection lights have been around for years, but the technology behind these devices has improved significantly in recent years. You don’t need to jump and wave your arms around to get your light to turn on anymore. Newer models will activate easily when you are in range and stay on the entire time you are grilling, taking out the trash, or walking the dog outside.


Automated Safety

If you own a pool and have children or pets, your pool probably brings you just as much anxiety as it does fun in the sun. The thought of your children or pets falling in when you aren’t looking is a very real possibility.

Automated pool covers can give you peace of mind. There are options available that will support the weight of children or pets in case of an accident. Enjoy the pool when it’s time to swim and cover it up the rest of the time. Then you don’t have to worry about child-sized escape artists or an angry cat that got a little too close to the edge.

Cleaner & Quicker

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We already have plenty of machines that help us clean quickly and easily. Washers and dryers clean our clothes, and dishwashers clean our dishes. Automated vacuums make perfect sense!

Robot vacuums have become increasingly sophisticated. New features allow some to return to their docking station to charge when it’s running low and automatically dump its dirt load at the dock when it’s full. You can even find versions that will wet mop your hardwood floors. 

When you decide to upgrade your home with smart technology, do your research and read reviews. Reading what others have to say about their own personal experiences with products will help you make smart buying decisions. Without much effort, you will find options that fit all of your needs and your budget.

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