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Infographic: The Benefits Of ERP Software You Need To Know


Very often, midmarket companies have gotten ignored for high-tech or advanced processing needs. Information technology companies have instead focused on those very large companies as they’ve chased profit and scale, meaning that midmarket companies have had to wait a very long turn to take advantage of some of the opportunities that exist for others. However, that’s all changing as vendors realize just how large some of these companies are and just how much market opportunity exists.

As you start to think about either where you fit in this scale or where you need to market to in order to grow your business opportunities, it’s helpful to understand what the different sized businesses look like. A midmarket company is usually just under 1,000 employees but has more than 50, and has more generalists than it does specialists.

In addition, the IT departments of these businesses can vary wildly, from just one to several. Those individuals not only have to keep core software competencies up to date and running smoothly, but they also have to help integrate enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. And marketing to them by figuring out their pain points is going to help make connections that end up with results. That’s because ERP software isn’t one size fits all, meaning it can adapt to whatever the company and IT department needs. Modules can swap in or out to address vertical needs, too.

What else do you need to know about this and the usefulness of ERP software? This graphic explains it.


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The Benefits of ERP Software You Need to Know

Via Salesforce

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