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Three Must-Have Tech For Private Landlords


With Nigeria in the midst of a proptech boom, it’s clear to see the importance of technology in the modern property market. Tech has already made it convenient to travel and communicate, and now it stands to benefit landlords too. With all the gadgets on the market, though, it seems difficult to find the ones that could benefit private landlords the most. Below are some of the essential gadgets any private landlord should have. 

Smart Security

There are numerous smart security products on the market that allow owners to view the activity of their homes remotely. Some products, like Canary, alert users when there have been suspicious movements near the property through a smartphone app. If tenant safety is a concern, smart security systems give everyone peace of mind, and for property owners new to the business, monitoring the security of the property before the first tenants move in is a valuable tool.  

Smart Thermostat

These thermostats aren’t just controlled through smartphone apps and other connected measures — they can learn your heating preferences and require less input from you to effectively regulate your home’s temperature. Most smart thermostats will automatically conserve energy when the property is vacant, so you can help your tenants save money. Most tenants would be more interested in a property if it had this type of technology in it as well, as they can feel you’re a landlord who cares about the environment. Besides, most units typically only need one smart thermostat, so it’s a one-time investment for long-lasting savings. 

A good smart thermostat includes the Google Nest Learning Thermostat. Since its inception in 2011, the Nest has saved over 38 billion kWh of energy, and it consistently helps users save an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. The thermostat touts that it can pay for itself from the energy savings, but it also benefits the environment through reduced energy consumption. Installing and obtaining the Nest Thermostat and its apps are easy to do, so any unit could theoretically have one of these.  

Smart Locks 

You can facilitate tenant safety and security by purchasing smart locks. Some brands, like August, allow you to add the smart locks to current analogue ones, meaning you can continue using the same keys. The auto-unlock function means the August automatically unlocks the door when the tenant approaches so they never have to fumble with keys. Features on the complimentary August app allow tenants to see if their doors are locked or not. August even allows door locking to occur remotely. Tenants with such smart locks can give guests “digital keys” to use at the door, ensuring the safety of tenants and making entering the apartment simple and controlled.

Most gadgets require some initial investment, but the cost is well worth it. Your tenants will be happier, and you’ll rest easy knowing you’re doing everything you can to make your buy-to-let property the best possible, which will give you an edge on the market too.

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