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The Android Powered Microsoft Surface Duo Pricing Starts At A Whopping $1,400


Microsoft gave more details about the Surface Duo including pricing. The dual-screen device will cost $1400 for the 128GB version and $1,500 for the 256GB version making it one of the most expensive phones out there even though it doesn’t support 5G like the newly released Galaxy Fold. The Microsoft device will however run on Android to take on its competitors in that space.

Microsoft didn’t put so much into this device with respect to features rather there is a big focus on productivity and I say this the Surface Duo is not really a foldable device rather it leverages on its hinges to open and close so it can’t really be called a foldable device in the sense of the word. On the productivity side, the software giant says “We built Surface Duo to give people Microsoft 365 mobile experiences, every Android app in the Google Play store, and a seamless cross-device experience with your Windows 10 PC.”

The new dual-screen gadget besides not supporting 5G, also does not come a wireless charging feature which is a trend in the smartphone industry. So really this device is all about making work easier on mobile because as Microsoft  notes, it has become increasingly difficult for people to really work away from their computers in spite of the evolution of smartphones.

Here’s more Microsoft on the release.

We designed Surface Duo for people who want to get more done with the device in their pocket. Our internal research shows that three out of four people report struggling to complete complex tasks while away from their computer. That’s because smartphones with a single screen aren’t designed for you to easily do multiple things at once. Think about it. You continually have to switch between apps to get even the most essential things done – breaking focus, breaking flow. Just like using two monitors at your desk, having two distinct screens lets you open up two apps side by side, cross-reference information, and drag and drop to effortlessly move images, text and files between screens so you can get things done quicker. We know dual-screen devices not only help people complete complex tasks faster but also require less cognitive effort, making them universally preferred for productivity tasks.

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