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Here Are The Top 25 Technological Trends of 2020


The ongoing pandemic and the current scenario of lockdown forces all of us to make use of technology in such a manner that it reduces and cuts down the havoc which has been created as the activities get paused. Though they are restarted but in a restricted way.

The unpredictable and the arguably worst year for humans in modern history still has 4 months to go and within these 4 months nobody knows what and how the situations will turn out?

We won’t be living on another planet or using a jet for travelling to work but undoubtedly the upcoming era will bring much more advanced technology than what we are using today.

Here in this article we will discuss the top 25 technological trends that I personally believe will change the world.

Top 25 trends are :

1. Artificial intelligence

Machine learning along with Artificial intelligence has enhanced the capabilities of machines to learn and the use of software robots reduces the time to solve the doubts of the customer when they ask something on the chatbots.

This timely response can be counted as an act of intelligence and smartness which will attract more customers and transform the world in the near future with upgradation in its own version.

Artificial intelligence is also the key factor in other latest trends which we will discuss further in this article.

2. Internet of things

Use of smart devices and switches that are connected to the internet helps an individual to convert his home into a smart home.

As with the help of IOT an individual can switch off the lights if he forgot and went to his place of work and even in the time of summer when it is too hot, the ACs can be turned on using a smartphone to reduce the time and get the desired result.

Such devices also contribute to artificial intelligence as the gathered data gets transferred.

3. Wearables and Augmented humans

Fitness trackers and smart watches have now seen an expansion and brought new horizons for the humans to have a healthy lifestyle along with style.

Such developments make the theory of augmented humans and transhumans appear genuine as the technological advancements will further help in developing augmented humans by fusing the actual humans.

4. Big data

Big data is nothing but the rampant development in the chunk of data and information which gets created in our world. All thanks to Artificial intelligence as it fuels augmented analytics.

Such advancements evades all the kinds of troubles which were earlier faced by humans before the year 2010 but now humans can work on complex data without any headache.

5. Intelligent spaces and smart places

This topic appears the same as that of IoT. It refers to observing offices, homes and even cities turning smart and connected with the internet.

6. Blockchains and ledgers

The safest way of storing, protecting and authenticating data can radicalize various forms of business – Specially those methods where trusted transactions take place.

7. Cloud and edge computing

Cloud computing is the method where data stored on another computer can be filtered through another computer just with the use of the internet and it reaches a large number of people.

Edge computing on the other hand means processing the data on smartphones and other smart devices and this method is likely to take the development of computing to the next level.

8. Digitally extended realities

Enveloping virtual reality, mixed reality and virtual reality. Such trends bring more fascinating digital experiences.

9. Digital twins

A digital twin is the term used to describe a digital replica of the real physical world; it can be an object, product, process or an ecosystem.

This allows the user to make changes and try out something innovative which cannot be experimented on the actual physical object.

10. Natural language processing

This technology can be used when we want machines to understand and learn human languages and this technology has drastically changed the patterns of human interactions with machines.

11. Voice interfaces and chatbots

Whether it is Siri, Alexa or Google echo almost everyone of us are well acquainted with the ways to communicate with such machines by simply conveying information through voice commands.

Chatbots are the automated systems which are used by various organizations to solve the disputes and queries of the users where a user just asks the questions and automated reply pops up.

In the near future, Such chatbots will replace the humans who are working in customer services.

12. Facial recognition and computer vision

We saw the understanding and learning of human languages by machines and how they vocally respond to the questions and their interaction with humans. If the machines can talk , What bothers them to visually interpret the things and people around them?

Facial recognition can be considered as an important example and this technology is widely used for unlocking the smart phones.

13. Robots and cobots

Robots are considered to be more intelligent in this decade than before as they can now make their own reactions to their surroundings and can continue their tasks without any human interruption.

In certain firms, the work and tasks in the future is likely to involve humans along with robots as their colleagues and the term used for such things is Cobot or collaborative robot.

14. Autonomous Vehicles

This decade will observe autonomous vehicles of all types which includes cars, ships and all other vehicles.

As we recently saw the cars are having an auto-pilot system where a person can even sleep on the driver seat and the car gets driven on its own.

15. 5G

The cellular network technology which we are using currently is 4G and new updates to 5G will provide faster and smoother streaming of data with a more balanced technology and strengthen the existing wireless networking system.

16. Genomics and Gene editing

Technological advancements and analytics have created new paths for developing a deeper understanding of the human genome and this will help the humankind to eradicate the major diseases by changing the DNA mutations and structures.

17. Machine Co-creativity and augmented design

Co-creativity and augmented designs can be created by machines; this all can be done only with the use of AI.

It is expected to process creative designs and collaborating them with machines.

18. Digital platforms

A digital platform is a network that provides a platform to people to connect with each other and this is turning beneficial for the companies like Facebook and more.

19. Drones and aerial vehicles

Drones and such other vehicles are driven automatically or with the help of remotes.

Whether its military, sting or any other operations such drones helps in capturing the important things to plan out further strategies.

20. Cybersecurity

As the online business are at its peak new threats are being faced by the companies as new cyber crimes are prevailing in this era such as spoofing or phishing.

New approaches are to be developed and strengthening cyber security is the new challenge for all.

21. Quantum computing

Quantum computers are the kind of computers which are very fast and which are proficient in eradicating the unbelievable problems and algorithms.

These computers are likely to change the era of computers by converting these existing scenarios to that of stone age.

As of now such computers are found in labs but by the end of this decade we will surely see the first quantum computer.

22. Robotic process automation

The use of this technology will set the human workers free from customer services and will provide them to focus more on things which are more complicated and which adds more value to the business.

This broader approach will open new gates of automation which will affect all the businesses at a larger extent.

23. Mass personalization and micro moments

Mass personalization is a technique used by businesses to provide customers with personified products and services at a larger scale.

While on the other hand, micro moments refers to responding to the desires of the customers at the right time.

Such things are possible only with the use of AI, Big data and analytics.

24. 3D/4D printing

This might not appear trendy when compared with other trends. But when technologies are combined with customized approach of users it will create wonders.

25. Nanotechnology and material science

Advancements and understanding of materials and technology and the ways to control it is providing skyrocketing results with new products like bendable displays.


Summing up

Such technologies are likely to revolutionize the world with more advancements and less human interactions. Though there are chances of unemployment but with new changes comes new opportunities.

These technological trends are likely to bring out convenient and feasible solutions for the humankind.

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