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This Update To Google Maps May Be Small But Could Go A Long Way For iOS Users


Google just did something that may make Google Maps iOS users just reinstall the app. It updated its Map to help you avoid those closing time traffic jams on the road. The update now speaks out traffic warnings in order for you to make an informed travel decision. So if you the app to direct you, you get this alert about possible traffic conditions.

                  google maps 2 googl maps 1

Apple announced some upgrades to its own app when it launched its latest mobile OS, iOS 9. In iOS 9 though, you can now see public transport details if you live in select cities. It will pinpoint nearest bus stops.

In a piece originally posted on this website, Africans generally rely on other means to get “reliable” live traffic information. Waze which partners with Google already can now leverage on this new update to provide better updates to its users.

Apple stopped the pre-installed version of Google Maps in 2012 to replace it with its own and since then both have continued to roll out upgrades to their applications.

iOS users can download it here

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