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Tizeti, In Partnership With Facebook , Will Roll Out Free Wi-Fi In The Coming Months


With the exorbitant cost of data recently, it will interest you to know that hundreds of hotspots will be rolled out soon by Tizeti. The wireless internet service provider announced its partnership with Facebook at the just concluded AfricaCom 2017 program that took place in Lagos, Nigeria.

Hundreds of hotspots will be rolled out over the coming months. This scheme by Facebook and Tizeti is based on a shared ideology of connecting more people in a less expensive way, considering the high cost of internet service in the country.

Express Wi-Fi places priority on areas where people occasioned by workers, marketplaces, and cafes. With a Wi-Fi enabled device, you can easily connect without passwords if you use an Android mobile phone, tablet or laptop. However, it didn’t specify areas where the free Wi-Fi service will be available.

As you know, the major challenge with the internet service in Nigeria is bandwidth business-to-consumer distribution in Nigeria. The current situation is like using a very small tank filled with water to feed a large population. The small tank will obviously need a small pipe to distribute water to accommodate everyone evenly. With this algorithm, you can imagine the long queue waiting to be watered or fed. This is the unfortunate situation that the country is faced with. Although the government has set a target to increase the current broadband by 30% in 2018, 2018 is less than two months away,

Kendall Ananyi, the Chief Executive Officer, Tizeti affirmed the mission of the organisation during the official announcement, to make internet service affordable to Nigerians and very reliable too. He said further that ‘Express Wi-Fi aims to reduce barriers to connectivity such as limited infrastructure and high data costs, giving more people, such as small business entrepreneurs and developers, the opportunity to connect and build community’.

Express Wi-Fi plans are quite affordable, compared to what is currently available; prices range from N50 for 100MB to N2, 000 for 10GB. This is in addition to the free Wi-Fi that the company is promising.

Currently available in five countries, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, India and Indonesia, Express Wi-Fi hotspot will help you access Facebook Flex and Free Basics, which offers free access to some insightful services such as health resources, business tools, education, trending news and much more.

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