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Hosting Spaces On Twitter Is Now Exclusive For Users With 600 Followers And Over


…Twitter’s Spaces is now monetized with live captions.

Twitter reveals its Clubhouse-like audio chat room, Spaces is exclusive for users who have attained more than 600 followers. This upgrade is made available for the entirety of Twitter’s user base, including iOS and Android users — although the social media company was expected to launch this feature earlier prior to now.

According to Twitter, the feedback they have accumulated since they introduced Spaces in the wake of 2020’s pandemic influenced Twitter’s decision on the number of followers allowed to host live Spaces on its social media.

“These accounts are likely to have a good experience hosting live conversations because of their existing audience. Before bringing the ability to create a Space to everyone, we’re focused on learning more, making it easier to discover Spaces, and helping people enjoy them with a great audience,” Twitter in a  blogpost writes.

Aside from Twitter and Clubhouse, other social media has developed a more interesting audio chat feature such as Discord’s Stage Channel that allows diverse groups of people to produce their content for others to listen to. This platform has been efficiently used by comedians to host shows, interviewers, pitch rooms, and more other functions.

Nonetheless, Clubhouse remains the pioneer to this feature, still, Twitter’s Spaces portrays a better lucrative feature where its users can monetize the audio contents they produced via “ticketing” — these tickets will be issued by users hosting live Spaces.

Conforming to Twitter, the number of tickets sold determines how much its users are liable to earn. It worth noting that, the social media company will reserve a little fraction of the revenue generated from ticketing. However, earning cash via Twitter’s audio chat will be available as a finite version which is still in its developmental phase.

In contrast to earning cash while socializing via the internet, almost every platform accesses this feature, including Clubhouse — although theirs function as a direct payment which is currently exclusive for finite users. While Twitter’s Spaces has a “Super Follows” that bolsters its Ticketing to charge other users for accessing your contents.

With the current Twitter upgrades, its users have no reason to switch to other similar social platforms like Clubhouse, Slack, Patreon, Discord, etc. Still, Twitter is yet to disclose information about releasing Spaces for desktop users, although this feature yet to be fully developed.

Amongst other comparable features, Spaces appears to be more interesting with its live captions which the social media company announced will add more tweaks to it soon, including pause captions, customized fonts, and scrolling backward.

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