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Twitter Pauses Plan To Remove Inactive Accounts Following Memorialisation Complaints


At the point when Twitter announced plans to shut down accounts that have not been utilised for a time of a half year or more, many users weren’t how exactly that would work especially considering memorialised accounts of the deceased that may still be of value to their loved ones. While some cheered and welcome the news because of the free-up of usernames that would come with the move, others told Twitter to reconsider the move in itself. While numerous individuals perceived the incentive in disposing of a huge number of accounts that misleadingly expand adherent numbers and take up usernames that could be allotted to others, there were concerns as well. There are probably millions of accounts that have inflated number of followers who hardly tweet.

Among those that complained about Twitter’s announcements were friends and family members of dead Twitter users who communicated their concerns that they would never again have the option to see old tweets of their friends and family. Well Twitter heard them and are now saying that they will put this plan on hold while trying to come up with a memorialisation feature. Facebook announced such a feature back in 2015 calling it Legacy Accounts but this year it even took it a step further by saying contacts now can moderate the posts shared to the new tributes section. They can alter the tagging settings, remove tags and edit who can post and view posts, as well as update a profile picture and a cover photo. These will help them manage the page in general and how the content is viewed.

Recognising that its failure to factor in the accounts of legitimate users who may have passed away may anger their loved ones, Twitter said it “was a miss on our part”. In spite of the fact that the organization has not currently set out another timetable for removing inactive accounts that have stayed that way for a period of six months, but what we know is that you won’t be having access to those millions of user names that would have been available say from the 12thof December again which means you need to be a little bit patient.

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