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This Is For Those Who Wish To Study In The United States


Every year around this time, exchange rates around many African nations spike against major currencies like the United States Dollars and the British Sterling. This is due in part to the high number of students wanting to study overseas. A research carried out by the Brookings in the US says foreign students contributed to about $21.8b/4.3tr Naira in tuition over a five year period and that excludes another over $12b/2.3tr Naira in other spending over the same period. In Britain, it’s a similar story.

Well the essence of this article is to bring to your notice that in the US, the government has launched a website which makes it easier for your to make informed decisions about where to school in the United States. Called College Scorecard, it relies on open data to help you evaluate higher institutions that may attend to your basic educational needs. A typical information might be to know how successful graduates from various schools are or average performance of new students.

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