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Verizon Partners With Microsoft On Edge Computing Services


US telecom giant Verizon Wireless recently announced the partnership it had with Microsoft and its extensional operations to upgrade its capability to offer modern standard networks to targeted customers in what you can call Edge computing services. The installation of the latest private 5G networks is offering maximum speed at the most affordable price. Edge computing is expected to be one of the deliverables of the ultra fast 5G network. Edge computing brings computation and data storage closer to customer locations thereby saving bandwidth and improving response time to critical processes. 

As a part subsidiary to Microsoft (Microsoft owns the mobile phone division of Nokia), the Finnish telecom company, Nokia will be in charge of handling Verizon’s private 5G Edge networks for its professionalism with telecommunication and networking equipment. Nokia also recently started a space project with NASA and is employed again by Verizon to serve the same purpose of network installation and deploying semiconductor chips across the US and beyond.

Since the release of the iPhone 12, Verizon being a 5G pioneer in the US has quickly partnered with Apple to deliver the 5G supported iPhone 12 to users contractually. It urged the telecom company to issue the deal that requires immediate commencement with Microsoft. Verizon says it looks forward to promoting lucrative business operations offering the appropriate network with high-speed internet suitable for mobile apps across the US as an amplified internet service provider.

In absolute compliance with the deal, Microsoft has to employ the necessary tools to accomplish productivity. For instance, Microsoft will have to cloud service, Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), to achieve efficiency. Azure storage services will lucratively serve as a mandatory tool to process and stabilize the amount of data used at the local facilities and subscribers. A typical example of stabilizing processed user data is Ice Mobility (a logistics company based in the US). It has active business operations running on the 5G network; it’s logistics services permits 100% end-to-end food supply encryption without the need for a thorough inspection.

The Verizon Chief Strategy Officer, Rima Qureshi, rather emphasized the consortium’s productive results with Microsoft than share the sum of revenue meant to be generated, as Ice Mobility happens to benefit as a result of successful business operations. “This is about creating a new business operation for everyone,” he said.

5G is highly anticipated due to its high capacity to carry much more data which experts estimate at about 20 times the capacity of 4G networks. Meanwhile, take a breath and imagine the amount of advancement multi-billion-dollar businesses ascertained since the introduction of 4G networks, especially the telecom industry. They are the most beneficial to the 4G platform. Its huge amount of success determined the main shift into digitalization, which paved the way for enormous growth in the global digital economy.

“Next will be all about deploying private 5G and not about commercial success, and we will start seeing early monetization from 2022 onwards,” president of Verizon global enterprise, Sowmyanarayan Sampath, said.

In anticipation, industry-leading brands such as live streaming, food delivery, and ride-hailing operations are already investing just as Verizon also invested its resources to be front-liners leading the wave to a digitized 5G generation. Verizon Wireless has the sole objective of leading the telecom industry alongside Microsoft Corp. as a pioneer in exploring 5G private networks in the United States.

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