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Vodacom Business Nigeria Wins The IoT Provider Of The Year Award


The 2017 Nigeria Technology Innovation and Telecoms Awards ended with Vodacom Business Nigeria, named as the Internet of Things Provider of the year, alongside with the Managing Director of the firm, Mr. Lanre Kolade who also bagged an award for the Industry Personality of the year.

Organised by the Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria, the annual event aims to commemorate individuals and organisations for their support to the technology industry and solutions to tech challenges.

While giving his award- acceptance speech, he stressed the firm’s commitment to delivering a world-class service. He said:

We are honoured to receive these awards. This endorses our commitment to delivering world-class total communications solutions to businesses in Nigeria. Our gratitude goes to our customers whose businesses are driving the Nigerian economy and the men and women at Vodacom who work round the clock to support these businesses.’

Vodacom is one of the telecommunications solutions providers, aimed at leveraging on the use of technology  in every sector including health, education, financial and other sectors. The advantages of incorporating technology into the facets of life are innumerable. The integration of technology into the health sector has been incredibly beneficial. Doctors are more efficient because the use of sophisticated machines helps indicate whether an ailment needs a serious assessment or not. Businesses can function 24 hours without manpower, so long as there’s a bot in place; it’s all thanks to IoT.

The Managing Director said further that technology is a driving force for every business to maintain relevance in today’s world. He said:

The Internet of Things is playing an increasing role as an enabler of economic development. Governments across Africa continue to adopt this technology to leapfrog developmental stages, improve service delivery, supporting healthy, well-educated and economically active citizens.’

According to Mr. Kolade, Vodacom has a long-standing track record of success in offering connectivity solutions, enterprise voice solution, and the cloud and hosted services in Nigeria. He emphasized further that Vodacom has been persistent in offering quality service, regardless of the numerous clients it has attained over the years.

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