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How To Install Any Windows OS On Your Android Device


This is a process that is actually a whole lot simpler than it might have sounded. First, one needs to go to the Google Play Store and search for and download an application called LIMBO PC Emulator. Run the application on your phone to get the phone to create the Limbo folder.  Next download the image and text files of the windows OS you want to install on your phone. Then you go to the file explorer (using the default file explorer, the ES file explorer or whichever one is preferred), copy and paste the image file of the Windows OS into the Limbo folder.

You will then go back to the Limbo application user interface, where you will see the “load machine” option which will prompt you to enter a name for the new machine you want to load on the phone, then view the User Interface and you can make that SDL.

You have to be careful to go through these steps properly, or the operating system may not run or may run incorrectly. Click on the architecture button and you will be given two options: either the X86 or the X64. It is best to select the X86 because the X64 may not work properly. If one is feeling adventurous though, and wants to find out what the X64 will produce, one can check the box. Change the CPU model to qemu 32, and CPU core should be 1. RAM memory can be 512.

On the partition labeled storage, tap on Harddisk A and tap the drop down button to open, which will then ask an individual to choose the particular storage that the image file of the windows has been stored. Tap on the image file name, ok it and in the Limbo User Interface, at the miscellaneous button, change the VGA to STD. at the advanced options button, change the screen to full screen and landscape. Now you are ready to load the Windows. Press the play button and the windows will load taking between 3-5 minutes depending on your kind of phone.

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