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Reasons To Choose The Yii 2 Framework


If you are into software development then you probably might know how difficult it can be to a website or an application from scratch by using a PHP script. Well, to be honest, it’s a time-consuming task. That’s where frameworks come to rescue. Frameworks are used to effectively simplify the development process and get things done a lot quicker pace.

As a developer one has a wide variety of options when it comes to framework for PHP languages such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Phalcon, yii2, and many others. However, it is really difficult to choose the right framework for your needs. As a developer, you cannot just pick any framework without thinking and considering the merits and demerits of the framework.

Well, for a professional it might be a little easy to pick one up based on his experience, however, the beginners and learner really scratch their head when it comes to choosing a framework. But you neither have to worry nor take stress about choosing a framework as we have already picked out the best one for you.

Yes, you guessed it write it’s yii2 framework. Furthermore, we would suggest you to hire Yii developer. Now, you would ask why to hire Yii developer? The answer lies in the fact that experience carried by the developer would help you get things done with precision and ease.

Now, if you have questions in regards to Yii 2 framework then don’t worry. We are going to spell the reasons that why Yii 2 framework can be the best suit for your needs. So, just keep reading as we go.

Easy Installation Process

Time is of the essence and as a developer, you are expected to finish projects and reports even before you are asked. Thus wasting your time in installing the framework and updating is clearly a waste of your and your clients time. However yii2 framework comes with easy installation and updating options. The installation process of yii2 framework is handled by composers and if you want you can even go through the installation Manuel provided with the framework setup.

Modern Technologies

The days of languages and framework that do not support modern technologies like apps, robust development, easy syntax are long gone. But don’t you worry as yii2 framework is fully updated with the latest technology. You won’t be having second thoughts regarding this framework compatibility with modern technologies.


Yes if you have tried out another framework before then you would really know frustrating it gets when you too add something extra your web application and the framework just won’t let you. Not anymore as yii2 is highly extensible and almost every component you use in yii2 for the development can be extended. For instance, you want to add a customized template to your web application and it’s not available in the framework wizard, then you can easily add any template to your application just by adding extensions to this component of the framework.


Well on most of the PHP development framework you would have to install a tester to test your application separately. However, yii2 comes with integrated codeception testing framework. With yii2 you won’t have to install it separately as it already comes ready to use. You can avail this framework ability just by writing this short line of code “/test/_config.php”.

This code is going to add codeception as an extension to your code and highly implies the testing process.


Every client of yours is for sure going to ask you whether the application you build is secure or not. And better if you confidential says yes if you want to make some business. And if your framework does not provide easy security options, then you need to shift to yii2 framework. Yes, yii2 framework provides some of the best and easy ways to enhance your application security. For instance, you can easily generate password hash, create a validation password side function, random encryption key, etc.

Easy Updates

Now if you have built an application with the help of yii2 framework and now you need to update it on clients demand or under the maintenance contract. Then don’t worry about updating a web application build with yii2 framework easy really easy. You would be amazed at the amount of time you save by using this framework. One more reason for companies and client’s to hire Yii developer looking for a developer for the long run.

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