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Future Technology: 10 Ideas To Change Our World


The future is written by those bold enough to shape it with their own hands and creative minds. Max Polyakov is leading the charge toward a brighter digital future. Here is some future technology that he and others will introduce, shaping tomorrow.

Future Technology

Following in the hallowed footsteps of greatness, Max Polyakov has taken the philosophy of Volodymyr Vernadsky and used his noosphere theory to propel his company into the next phase of planetary evolution. And he has set his sights on space and how using space as a springboard for how technology can improve the future.

This innovative mindset has given rise to plenty of creative thinkers with their eye on tomorrow. Everything from future space technology to future home technology is up for grabs. As tech advances at a staggering speed unheard of even ten years ago, the horizon is bright with new ideas and concepts that ensure more promising possibilities.


Ushering in the New Technological Age

How will technology change in the future? To answer that, let’s look at the past. The advent of technology in everyday life has altered our perceptions about everything, from health and medicine to simple things like childhood learning. And as we progress, using these lessons will keep us in a constant state of entropy, always moving forward.

Here are some future technology inventions that are already in our lives in their entry-level development, and a few that are sure to take the future by storm:


1.   Self-driving Cars

Future Cars

We have seen them in movies set a decade or so from now, and they are dangerously close to being our new reality. With the creation of lane assist, backing assist, and collision management software, electric cars that can self-guide are a future car technology, we have waited long enough to have.

2.   Personal Robots

The Jetson’s demoed the robot, and it seemed like a wild and wonderful concept. No one likes to clean. Call in the robots. You already have smart appliances and maybe even a vacuum robot with a self-guiding dock, so how far do you think it will be in the future for a robot butler?


3.   Solar

Solar tech isn’t new, but it is gaining popularity and versatility. Many recent advancements to improve solar efficiency are being made rapidly, with new competing interests springing up like wildfire.


4.   Bullet Trains

Japan already has them, and the Chunnel under the English Channel was built for them, so the bullet train has been around. The marvel is how close they are to making them even faster. Imagine getting from Chicago to Dallas in about the time of a flight.

5.   VR

VR Technology

New updates to the intricacy of VR are on the rise. So many applications are currently available; it can only improve. Every industry, from video games and porn to medical fields, are using VR tech now.

6.   Wearable Screen Tech

Have you seen a keyboard projected on a desktop? Now imagine that on your wrist. There is now a bracelet that shows your phone screen on your wrist and works comparably to your smartphone.


7.   3D Printing

No longer science fiction, now we can print using a special printer system anything from a model toy to a full-sized home. These overlay printers are susceptible, but once calibrated, they can print human bone replacements as big as a shoulder to as small as a finger bone and even print food.


8.   Smart Hygiene

No one wants to see the dentist or a doctor if they can avoid it. To combat this troubling precedent, hygiene companies have gone digital. Everything from a smart toilet that tests your urine to a smart toothbrush that monitors your oral hygiene routine and reports to your dentist has started to show up as options for the home.


9.   5G

Only now has 5G hit the world, and the speed is unbelievable. Connectivity has never been faster or more precise. And for those left behind, everything from downloads to emails will feel like a snail’s pace. As if they are back to dial-up.


10.  Recycling, reducing, and repurposing

New ways to give those old items a second chance to make life better are arising with machines built from future technology concepts. Software that breaks down the components to their microscopic elements is already starting to create complex machines for recycling purposes.



Popular science is the best source for future technology news, but if you don’t want to read and prefer to watch, some channels showcase new and innovative ideas that are just around the corner. And with these, they will spawn even better ones, and so on. Tomorrow is bright, and with Max Polyakov and others taking the help, we are eager to greet it. Do you have any ideas for future technology you think might help the world?



Author’s Bio

Emily Moore loves future tech. Einstein once said, “I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity.” As we go forward, we must keep our eye not on if we can, but whether doing so will profit us or doom us to becoming over-dependent fools.

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