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PayPal Sees 25% Year on Year Jump In Q3 Revenue As 15.4 Million Users Are Added


As the pandemic continues to ravage the world, online businesses have been experiencing a stable inflow of revenue globally and it is expected to generate times two of its profits in three years. PayPal the online merchant is also a beneficiary of the recent online surge as they beat the Wall Street predictions, with expectations to attain its projected earnings in the last quarter of 2020.

 Just as the pandemic restricted physical business operations and transpired the major shift towards transacting businesses online, PayPal saw an uptick in activities even though their stock has been down about 6 percent in the same period.

Refinitiv analyst valued their growth to arrive at 24%, but the online payment company seems to be struggling with management to adjust it operating profits.  Although PayPal Chief Executive looks forward to increasing its modified profits at the range of 17% to 18% in the fourth quarter of 2020, this can only be achieved through an uninterrupted management operation.

Dan Schulman, who is the CEO of PayPal didn’t want to take so much credit for the latest success of the payment company adding that the Pandemic benefitted just about all major online companies. Just as other online businesses are thriving during this pandemic season, his company is expected to have achieved more compared to others. He also draws attention to the unpredictable pandemic impact on the global economy, the social media unrest, and the US presidential elections are facts that played a role in the result of unsatisfactory earnings in the last quarter of the trading year.

Schulman also noted that his company has been productive overtime compared to the progress of other companies in its online payment division, especially during this season that boosted the global digital economy.

In the third quarter of 2020, the electronic wallet company increased its number of users which accumulated to 15.2 million active users. This of course resulted in massive growth. Its operating profits jump have largely come from its successful $247 billion equal to £191 billion processing of successful payments. In essence, the payment platform gained 36% in profit earlier this year.

He said: “The world continues to accelerate towards a digital-first economy, that drove an incredibly strong quarter for us.”

It is in PayPal’s record that it accomplished the best business transactions during the same third quarter. In October, the electronic wallet companies managed millions of users daily making digital payment. The millions of subscribers under PayPal’s electronic platform made the company ascertain its unprecedented highest daily transactions that boosted its revenue from 25% to $5.46 billion while analysts predicted an estimate of $5.43 billion.

Schulman noted that the unsatisfactory performance PayPal is experiencing is only temporary fall and is expected to regain balance before the end of the last quarter of 2020. The electronic payment company seems to be less bothered because they have the best management team running the business, just as Venmo its subsidiary happens to have achieved a rise of 61% in the third quarter and is expected to realize $900 million by 2021.

They intend to expand operational services that enable its customers to perform more tasks on its electronic platform. PayPal set to release a new feature that supports cryptocurrencies in its wallets.

Meanwhile, PayPal’s management team successfully adjusted the company’s financial book that gave them the edge to earn $1.07 per share while analysts predicted their earnings to be 94 cents per share. The online payment company had a boost in net income of $1.02 billion.

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