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Belkin and SMC are a few of the most popular router manufacturers that use the IP as their default IP address for their own routers. This particular IP is among the group of non-public IPs. Users most frequently work with to get connected to the home router to setup the original Connection to the internet, wireless LAN, or even to change computer network security settings. Also this particular IP may help you solve some networking connectivity difficulties therefore it is great for comprehend it.

How to sign in to the wireless router

If you want to access the setup page then you can certainly open up the Internet browser and type the IP address to see if it ask for the password and username. With the default username and password you’ll connect to the router options and alter them as you desire. Each router has username and password. So to access the router options you need to do this via your web browser. If you are not capable to start the set up page with the help of, and then check the IP using the pc. The IP of your router may be totally different.

Tips On How To Enhance Wi-fi Security?

Accessing the wireless router options page using this IP address is vital in order to set-up the router’s security features and this is one thing you need to do after you set up your router. A lot of people neglect this significant step because they can’t wait to go to the web, however this is a huge error. This leaves the network system and network system users at risk unnecessarily. Just spending some time to think about network security and also setting essential encryption procedures may help add an extra level of computer security to any home network system.

Step 1 – Sign in to your Belkin or even SMC wireless router configuration panel with the IP. Next, customize the default router security password if you have not previously done this. This will protect ability to access your home network’s wireless router against people that can probably gain actual access to the wireless router.

Step 2 – Be sure to create a distinctive name for the computer network. By default the computer network name is generally the same as the router producer, which enables people to swiftly identify the default password. If you’ve got the option to conceal your own SSID, remember to look at this option.

Step 3 – Turn Wi-Fi security on. Typically the most popular encryption types are usually WPA as well as WPA2, so whatever you select it will be a lot better than to decide on nothing at all. When you choose which to use, ensure that you set up a powerful username and password for your computer network. Passwords should be long and may include digits and special characters (if backed by the wireless router manufacturer).

Step 4 – Yet another security and safety option which may substantially improve your network system security is MAC address filtering and it is valuable if you have a few units connected to your network system. Each unit contains a unique MAC address and it may take a little time to setup it correctly. Joined with Wi-Fi encryption, it will help keep other individuals from getting into your network system using elementary scripting applications or guessing your password.

Step 5 – In case your router has a built-in firewall software, it is recommended to use it. Microsoft windows based laptop or computer systems have client firewalls which is highly recommended to enable them. Most of these steps might help protect the network system users from intrusions at many stages.

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