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Call Center Software Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2020


Visualize a call center and the typical image that comes to mind is rows of agents hooked to computers, talking away on their headsets. In 2020 and beyond, call center solutions will change the way call centers operate. Software advances and improvements drive this change for 2020 call center software development and adoption. 

WebRTC call center software 

WebRTC has been around since years but it seems to take its time to get into top gear. 2020 is likely to see WebRTC shift up a notch in call center software. In fact, you could get a purely WebRTC based call center software solution. This means: 

  • Anyone can start a call center operation without the need for expensive IT infrastructure and office space. 
  • Even mobiles may be used for audio and video chats.
  • Remote based agents can be employed for better 24×7 services and to reduce costs per head. 

Emphasis on video

It is good to be able to talk with someone. It is better for callers and agents when they can see each other as if in a face to face meeting. Naturally, this trend encourages call center software developers to make video chat and conference an important feature of their offering. 

Social media 

The winds of social media engagement are gathering force and to ignore this vital avenue of communication would be an ostrich head in the sand policy. Nearly all call centers and call center software will switch to social media powered omnichannel solutions with a single dashboard for easy monitoring and control. With AI making inroads into just about any software this should even help you set up flags and identify patterns to become the proverbial early bird that gets the customer. 


AI is everywhere and if your call center does not have AI powered call center software you will find the going tough. AI does quite a few things to your contact center software: 

  • Smartens up skill mapping and automatic call distribution so that the call goes not just to any agent but a competent agent, much to the delight of customers. 
  • Humanoid chat bot is on its way and should be part of call center software offerings for 2020. The bot will sense mood of callers, detect their location, identify past transactions and talk the way an agent would, minus the ego colouring agents bring to chats. 
  • Intelligent IVRs that delight customers since they are far above the level of the routine tree-branch structure and let a customer manage most things without having to talk with an agent. 
  • Call monitoring and analytics become smarter so managers can focus more on improvements. 
  • Keep tabs on social media channels and raise an alert to help agents take timely action. 

Recall technology is another development in call center software. It helps recall text or mail messages sent erroneously or to correct errors in conversation and thereby avoid a negative impression.  


Author Bio: I am a Digital Marketing Executive at Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. I hold spectacular skills in the field and has been diving into the field for 2 years. I am also curious about the technology updates and loves to pen down his thoughts about same. In the tenure, I prepared a Link Building strategy following SEO tactics.

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