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How To Fix Scratch Disk Error On Your Mac System


Mac has a lot to offer when it comes to performance. It comes loaded with tons of useful features & utilities built-in that help you keep your Mac in good health. It includes cleaning, optimization, and security utilities. While it is not limited to fixing basic performance issues, you can also try these built-in features to fix sophisticated issues on your Mac. One such issue is Scratch Disk Full Error on Mac. Before we discuss how to fix scratch disk full on Mac error, let’s discuss what is a scratch disk and how it could affect your system performance.

What is Scratch Disk?

Scratch disk is a part of your hard drive storage space that is used as a virtual memory to run resource intensive programs. This additional block of memory is used by programs when there is no space left on RAM to run the program.

One such program is Photoshop that uses additional storage space in the form of virtual memory on your hard disk to complete the task successfully. Here, Photoshop access this virtual memory from multiple assigned scratch disks on your Mac. In addition to Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are two other programs that also use virtual memory in the form of scratch disk to run the resource hungry tasks.

What is Scratch Disk is Full Error on Mac?

When aforementioned programs run resource intensive task using scratch disk, they generate lot of project temp files that consume precious disk space. Due to these files and other data, scratch disks get fully-occupied and show Scratch Disks are Full error on Mac.

How to fix Scratch Disks are full error on Mac?

To fix Photoshop scratch disk full error, there are certain built-in features you can use to clear disk space. But, before that you can use best Mac cleaner utility called Smart Mac Care if you are looking for a quick solution to fix this error on your Mac. This smart tool helps you deep clean your hard disk storage to help you fix the issue. We have discussed more about this tool later in this article.

Clear Photoshop Cache

The first thing you should do to fix the error is to clear Photoshop cache files. While Photoshop offers built-in feature to clear certain cache files, still it may leave lot of unattended cache files on your system. Here, you need to clear these cache files manually. To clear Photoshop cache files, follow below mentioned steps.

Open Photoshop.

  • Hover your mouse over “Purge” option in the Edit menu.
  • Here, it will display 4 options including Undo, Clipboard, Histories, and All. If it displays certain options grayed out, then it is already been deleted by the program.
  • You can select one of these options to delete cache files from selected option. You can select All to clean all cache files in one go.
  • Now you will see an alert that says Purge can’t be undone, so you need to ensure you don’t need previous version of one of your projects.
  • Click OK to complete the process.

Optimize Disk Space

Another built-in setting you will find under Apple menu helps you manage your disk space to fix the Scratch disk full error. To view, manage and remove all unnecessary data & files from your Mac, go to Apple menu > About This Mac and click on Storage tab. Here, click on Manage button to clean disk storage and optimize Mac for better performance.

Use Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is all-in-one tool that helps you keep your Mac healthy and secure. It offers three important modules to help you clean junk, remove malware infections, and protect privacy. These 3 important modules include:

Malware Scan to help you find and remove all deadly infections from your Mac. Working on powerful scan engines, it deep scans your system storage to find & remove all types of malicious content from your system. It is useful feature to eliminate issues like crashes and abnormal functioning.

Junk Scan helps you find and clean all junk files from your Mac to recover valuable disk space and de-clutter it for better performance. It is useful features to fix scratch disks are full on Mac error.

Privacy Scan cleans your browsing history to keep your online privacy intact. Here, it cleans history, cookies, and application cache to keep you safe from snooping.

Download Now

Under advanced tools, it helps you find & remove duplicate files, remove failed downloads and login items, uninstall unnecessary apps & programs and more.

So, this was a quick review how you can fix scratch disks are full error on Mac. Do try these steps and share your experience in the comments below.

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