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Top 4 Best To-Do List Apps For iPhone


The shortage of a commodity or a facility is not always a problem. Very often, we face issues due to the availability of too many choices that often lead to indecisiveness; an abundance of to-do list apps for smartphones, present the perfect example of this case. Like, once a user opens the app store, he/she is bombarded with apps that promise to manage their lives in a well-coordinated manner. And, here begins the real confusion, what to opt and what to not.

Well, iPhone users are lucky as they have more systematic apps to organize their routines in a real sense. Let’s have a look at these 4 best to-do list apps for iPhone that one must consider for kick-starting a disciplined life.

  1. OmniFocus 2

On an honest note, the best features of OmniFocus2 are not free. But, users who are serious about their lives and want to reach their destinations, must use OmniFocus 2. The app enables managing of the daily basis and even monthly basis tasks. It facilitates users to outline short-term and then long-term goals. Therefore, those who are interested in getting things done must use OmniFocus 2.

  1. Todoist

It is hardly impossible to omit Todoist from our top picks of the Best to do list apps for iPhone. Todoist is the perfect app for individual users who want to manage their tasks in a light-hearted wat. Todoist does a great job of motivating the folks, through rewarding points for completing the checklists. Hence, youngsters use Todoist as if they are playing some game on their smartphone.

  1. Proud

Proud is not a typical name in this list. But, it is indeed an app that takes into account very nature of human beings. For example, people need to take pauses and relax during work. They also tend to postpone for various reasons. So, Proud is unique in this regard as it accommodates the human nature with the help of its intuitive de-stress features.

  1. Toodledo

Toodledo is not a free iPhone app, but it is less costly than its contemporaries and offers more in less. The app is a complete solution for managing the life. Users can do advanced planning for months to come, add notes, make tasks and describe their context as well. The intuitive design ensures that users know what their long-term goals are and what mechanism they have decided to reach them. This app also allows making checklists for completing daily basis tasks.

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