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6 Amazon Prime Hacks You Should Definitely Know About


Who doesn’t know about Amazon Prime, right? It has taken over the e-commerce industry as well as the entertainment industry in a short time. Amazon has become essential for every household with everything just at the tip of your fingers. It takes care of household and entertainment needs with a single Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon has more than 13 million Prime users in India. We have compiled a list of six hacks to make your Prime membership more worthwhile. 

  • Use Amazon Prime For Free

If you don’t have the subscription already, you can try it for 30 days for free before buying it. Amazon offers a one-month free trial to new customers. Make sure to cancel the subscription after one month, or Amazon will charge you 999 INR for the annual subscription of Amazon Prime. 


  • Get The Membership At Half The Price

Amazon India has a bang for your buck offer, where you can get the Prime membership for 499 INR instead of the usual 999 INR. The request is called the “Youth Offer,” and you can avail it by following some simple steps in your phone. 

Step 1- Search “Youth Offer Amazon Prime” in the search bar on the app. 

Step 2- Purchase the Amazon Prime annual subscription for the usual 999 INR.

Step 3- Verify your age by submitting any one identity proof and a selfie. 

That’s it! After Amazon verifies your age, you will receive a 500 INR cashback in your Amazon Pay account, which you can use to pay for your future orders. 

  • Receive Cashback For No-Rush Delivery

If you are in no hurry to get your order, then Amazon can reward you. Amazon offers a cashback of 15 INR to the Amazon Prime users if they choose the No-Rush Delivery option instead of the Prime delivery option when checking out.

The cashback is transferred into the Amazon Pay account as a balance to use it for future Amazon orders. Orders placed with the No-Rush delivery option are delivered 2-4 days after shipping instead of the usual one day with Amazon Prime. 

  • Get One-Month Free Prime For Late Deliveries

Amazon prides itself on quick and on-time deliveries. If you are an Amazon Prime customer and your order arrives after more than two days, then Amazon will provide one month of free Amazon Prime Subscription as compensation for the inconvenience. You need to call the customer care, and they will provide you with your free one month of Amazon Prime subscription. 

  • Read E-books For Free

Amazon Prime provides more than 1000 free e-books for its customers, and this feature is called ‘Prime Reading.’ Prime Reading does not require a Kindle, and customers can use the Amazon Cloud Reader on any web browser to access the free e-books. Prime Reading can also be accessed to read these free e-books and e-magazines on the Android and iOS devices with the Kindle app from Playstore or App Store. 

  • Listen To Free Audiobooks 

If free e-books were not enough for you, Amazon Prime also offers free audiobooks with Audible. Amazon provides an exclusive 90-day free trial of Audible to Prime customers. This 90-day free trial includes three free audiobooks for you to listen to. Don’t forget to cancel the subscription after 90 days, or else Amazon will charge you automatically for the subscription. If you want, you can buy an audible subscription for just 199 INR per month to listen to unlimited audiobooks. 

The above listed are some of the best and most useful Amazon Prime hacks. They are easy to use and save a considerable amount of money.

Make sure to use all these hacks and tricks to get the most bang for your buck while using your Amazon Prime membership. 

Do you like these hacks? You can sound off in the comments section below and tell us about other hacks that we don’t know about. Also, once you are done binging Amazon Prime, you can make other uses of internet like, completing surveys, performing offers and earning rewards using PrizeHog.net, this will help you earn extra doing the simplest tasks. Who says no to easy money?

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