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6 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring


With the advancements in technology, the business world, and development, it is clear that it is important to always stay on top of trends that can help to better your business. We don’t want common practices to become out of date and ineffective, so it is important to revamp and freshen up old news, and correct any mistakes we come across. It is common to find mistakes within different practices, but especially within the hiring process. We have a few fixes for you to make sure you leave those mistakes in the dust!

1.  Too Much Small Talk

It is nice to exchange a healthy conversation, but don’t spend too much time on pleasantries. Get down to business as quickly as possible, that way you are really getting to know them from the start. You aren’t spending too much time on things that won’t matter and they are able to stay focused and in the game.

2.  Wasting Their Time

Stop wasting their time. Seriously. If you know that they aren’t a good fit for the role, do not continue with the process. The only thing that does is gives them false hope and allows them to waste their time wondering and worrying. This also makes your company look bad because it will look as though you string your applicants along and don’t provide them with an endgame.

3.  Not Checking Into Their Background

Sometimes ignorance is bliss. In the case of hiring, that is not the case. You want to know whatever there is to know about an applicant’s criminal history. Background check software will produce a background report that you can run on your applicants, to make sure that they are up to your standards. The report will run information from local and state jurisdictions and gives you instant criminal data records for 43 states. Plus, the process is done online and it is quick and easy. Also, don’t worry, the criminal background reports are consumer reports and they are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You will be following all the rules, while seeing if they did too.

4.  Talking and Not Listening

It is so easy to make the conversation about you or your business experience, but that is a huge mistake that happens in the hiring process. You already have the job, so make it about the applicant. Give them the time and space to shine, that way they feel that they did their best and got out what they had prepared. If you try your hardest to make the conversation about them and they are falling flat with silence, you will be able to see that they might not be the best fit for your business.


5.  Having a Small Pool

Keeping your hiring pool smaller can seem smart at the time because it requires less sifting through applications, less phone calls, and lower numbers of rejections to deliver. But then when you get to the end of the process, you will realize that keeping the hiring pool small is basically shooting yourself in the foot. You are limiting yourself and ruining the possibilities of finding someone that is meant to get that job.

6.  Not following up

A huge mistake a lot of businesses make is not following-up with the applicants when they don’t get the job. Most places also don’t tell the applicant what they could have improved on, making it so they don’t know where they went wrong. In order to be a business that stands with integrity and honesty, it is vital to do a thorough follow-up. It will give them their pride back and make it so they feel comfortable closing that chapter and moving onto the next!

Clearly, there are quite a number of mistakes that are commonly made during this process. But don’t worry! With these fixes, you will be on your way to correcting them and have a successful hiring process. Good luck!

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