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A Record 14 Million Devices On Windows 10 In 24 Hours. Read More On Its Market Share Here


Microsoft has said that it enjoyed a very good first 24 hours of the Windows 10 launch with about 14 million devices running on Windows 10. Windows Central which is not affiliated to Microsoft but specialises in Microsoft news reported that the number jumped to 67 million two days after the launch. In an case, Microsoft has enjoyed a huge support from PC users. “We’re humbled and grateful to see the response to Windows 10. We have seen unprecedented demand for Windows 10, with reviews and customer feedback overwhelmingly positive around the globe. We are doing everything we can to upgrade the world to Windows 10 as quickly as possible over the coming days and weeks ahead” said  Yusuf Mehdi at Microsoft. This makes the prediction by Microsoft that it expects to that 1 billion devices will be running on Windows 10 by 2018 a “possible” reality.

That said though, both StatCounter and Netmarketshare (ranking sites) have both said that Windows 10 in the week ending August 9th accounted for 3.55 per cent of the total desktop operating system market. They measured this measuring operating systems hitting web servers. This makes this means of measurement not totally correct but considering that most people who have accessed the Windows 10 OS till date have had to upgrade, this measurement method may be accurate to a large degree. After all, you would have to connect to Microsoft servers to do that.

statcounter windows 10 share

netmarketshare windows 10 market share

From the diagrams, Micrsoft has not been able to stop the Windows 8.1 bleeding as the number of users continue to dwindle with 14.93% of market share and this represents a 1.52% drop from 16.45% in the week starting 27th, July.

Netmarketshare reported 0.39 per cent while StatCounter pegged its own at 0.375

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