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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends Everyone Should Be Watching In 2021


Decades ago, artificial intelligence or AI was invented. Even if people used to associate it with robots, today AI is part of almost all we use. Artificial intelligence can be found everywhere, from personal devices and appliances to media streaming and smart vehicles.

It has also become an essential part of many companies’ practices that help explains and enhance customer experience in terms of management functions. As there is still an increase in the number of businesses using their advantages, On the market, some new trends in AI emerge. Here’s what the artificial intelligence fields will do in 2021.

# 1 Predictive Analytics

The increasing use of machine learning, NLP, and artificial intelligence to process data left a massive impact on the increased analysis, also known as a practice to predict trends based on existing data.

Predictive analytics should become one of the major trends of 2021, the number of companies that use continues to grow.

This practice has already become an essential activity for many companies, customer service, and price optimization recruitment, improving the supply chain and retail sales.

Using predictive analytics, companies can become prospective and proactive, preparing behaviours, and results based on real data, not assumptions.

# 2 Marketing activities in real-time

Successful marketing consists of using instant data to make marketing decisions right now. Also, real-time marketing depends on immediate consumer reviews and current patterns rather than the planning of plans and tactics in advance.

More marketing activity, primarily powered by artificial intelligence, is expected to become reality by 2021. The increasing number of businesses can use AI to satisfy their customers and to control user experiences on all platforms in real-time.

Growing numbers of marketers will also use artificial intelligence to reach new markets on social media channels as well as becoming a valuable tool for enhancing consumer input and engagement.

# 3 Personalized services

Today, companies need to provide more relevant and personalized services to attract and retain their customers. Therefore, ideas and data in real-time have become a valuable asset for understanding customer expectations and service delivery at the right time.

However, that is far more than simply segmenting users by their interests. Precious creates custom content that user engagement and genuine to all the customer experience levels. This is where artificial intelligence provides all the help needed.

AI uses large amounts of data from multiple sources to identify customer behaviour patterns. Using interaction history, you can even create a profile for each client, essential to ensure a high level of personalization in user engagement.

# 4 AI Customer Support and assistance

The customer experience should always be one of the main axes of any business. Because keeping satisfied existing customers performs better than many continually seeking new clients.

Artificial intelligence has allowed businesses to achieve a whole new level of customer service with improved engagement and response times.

As one of the major trends in 2021, using the artificial system, including customer service and other sales tasks, should become more streamlined. Some of the project digital marketing experts that over 85% of all customer support communications this year will be managed without representatives of customer service.

However, these solutions can have a much larger impact than just improving service customer interactions. Using applications and programs with an artificial intelligence system, companies can also build a reputation of loyalty or brand, generating income sources, and stimulate almost every aspect of the business.

# 5 AI Chatbot-Powered

There are many different ways companies can use a chatbot. Although they have become commonplace in payments or marketing activities, customer service emphasized their full benefits.

The majority of chatbots are generally used in the logic of a decision tree, using large database information, a great way to share basic product information or answer customer requests.

However, if a user enters a more complicated question, the chatbot may not include specific expressions and give an appropriate response.

In 2021, chatbots should become more efficient matching human conversation. Chatbots AI can remember parts of the previous communication with a client and use them to create a more personalized conversation.

By offering the most useful communication models and practices that human operators, AI chatbot Driven create a better user experience and customer feedback.

# 6 Digital workers

A growing number of digital processing workers in the conventional workplace was one of the artificial intelligence development in 2021. In the manufacturing, retail, banking, and insurance sectors, AI bots and automation already have a major role to play where they can be used more effectively.

Although, by this year, much smaller company activities could be accommodated by more and more businesses using automated robots. Digital employees can only be trained even quicker and without errors to conduct business operations like any other employee.

# 7 Workforce hybrid

Certain polls forecast the creation of 2.3 million jobs this year, and the loss of 1.8 million. While many people see automation and AI as traditional worker killers, it is anticipated that human and digital labor will cooperate more and more to create a new hybrid workforce in the years to come.

In 2022, one in five employees involved in this role can concentrate almost all of the time on the AI to do a role. Also, numerical workers give employees more time to handle challenging work, even in peak hours, by taking over routine tasks. This lowers costs, increases productivity, and provides a better user experience for the emerging hybrid workforce.

# 8 Improved AI Cybersecurity

The number of growing companies and individual users of the Internet have become victims of hacking, social engineering, and phishing scams each year with attacks becoming more sophisticated. Cybersecurity threats have been on the rise for some time now, which has created a global need for a new, more intelligent, and effective way to protect people against attacks and intruders.

Using artificial intelligence, the security operation analysts can stay ahead of threats and violations and protect users compromising sensitive data in time. AI analyses information threats millions of news stories available, blogs, and research papers, gives an instant overview, and significantly reduces the response time during an attack emerges.

# 9 AI in the media and entertainment industry

The content delivered to people every day in the world has already been shaped by artificial intelligence. AI offers a new, unique user experience from human-like opponents to smart playlists in video games on Google Music or Spotify.

In 2021, this shift will become even stronger. AI will allow entertainment companies to offer even more customised content by collecting information on the users’ activities and behaviour. The growing number of publicity firms should also use artificial intelligence in the design of advertising and in the creation of movie trailers.

# 10 More accurate facial recognition

Facial recognition is now a common way of supporting traditional methods of security. Border retailing platforms in airports and security systems have now become widely accepted in a wide range of markets and industries.

However, due to technological improvements in the following years are expected to see even more significant growth in the entire facial recognition industry. With the help of artificial intelligence, facial recognition systems become more accurate, leading to a higher level of security in organizations and companies.


Author Bio:

Sundar is working as a senior digital marketing analyst at India Metrics, the leading advertising and branding agency in Bangalore. He is a content strategist and written on various technology topics to build massive publicity.

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