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Apple Is Giving New iCloud Subscribers 200GB Of Space For Free For Two Months


In a move designed to drive iCloud storage subscription upgrades, Apple is now promoting free 200GB of iCloud storage space on a trial basis for 2 months to customers upgrading to a new iPhone—By offering 200GB of storage space on iCloud, Apple is hoping to make it easier for users switching from an Android device to an iPhone to easily move their data to Apple’s ecosystem. By default, an iCloud account comes with a measly 5GB of free storage space.

As this offer will be presented to iPhone upgraders, the idea behind this marketing move is that customers can use this 200GB bucket to ensure their current phone data is safely backed up. Then, you can simply sign into iCloud on the new phone and have everything get sucked up.

Note that the financial value of this offer isn’t that fantastic. Since May, Apple started offering 30 day free trials for all new subscriptions to iCloud paid tiers. So, in reality, what customers get for free here is an additional month, which usually costs $2.99. Apple is of course hoping that users do not cancel the subscription and continue to use the iCloud service past the end of the free period.

Apple has had a formal financial target to double Services revenue by 2020, and iCloud storage certainly contributes to that line of business. Apple is on track to meet that target, although most of the growth in services comes from it share of App Store app revenue—The offer is only available to new iCloud customers in the US, and automatically renews if not cancelled at the normal $2.99 price point. If eligible, you can grab the offer here with this direct link.

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