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YouTube Expands Non-Skippable Ads To More Creators


Google-owned YouTube is expanding the concept of non-skippable advertisements on its platform for the creators to monetise their content and earn more revenue—This basically means you will not be seeing the ‘skip ad’ button more often.

YouTube explained that creators who already monetise their content on YouTube will be soon able to turn on non-skippable ads for all of their videos. And eligible creators will get a notification in their dashboard, company officials said in a video uploaded on YouTube’s Creator Insider channel.

Even as Google is expanding the advertisements on its video sharing platform, the company is also offering a YouTube Premium (popularly known as YouTube Red) which is a subscription-based service without ads, and offers more flexible options with downloads and Original content—YouTube Premium which also bundles YouTube Music is available in select markets including the US, Australia, Africa and Europe.

The content-sharing platform is also adding a tool, thus, allowing creators to add or remove non-skippable advertisements in bulk on multiple videos to analyse for themselves whether or not this new feature is engaging audiences and extracting revenue flow. The new feature would reach all creators who are part of the “YouTube Partner Programme”. Basically, creators who monetise their content on the platform will be able to enable non-skippable ads on their platform once the feature rolls out in the coming weeks.

With more and more creators complaining about low revenue flow on YouTube, this move from YouTube seems like an incentive for creators to stick to the platform and not look for other alternatives that offer different revenue sources. If it will work or not, we will have to wait and see.

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