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Apple’s New Emojis Centre On The Global Pandemic And New Products


Apple reveals its new set of emojis — version 13.1 related to the latest trends around the world. The emojis concepts are centred on the COVID-19, the latest Apple headset’s model, and a touch of gender and racial relations.

With the inclusivity of marginalized characters, Apple will be adding to its newest pack of emoji is up to 217 new icons. In line with Apple’s update, it will include notable extras in its forthcoming iOS 14.5 beta version coming up this spring.

Among the new emoji sets, 200 out of them include couples representing different races or mixed-skinned tones. In line with Emojipedia, Apple’s relationship-based emoji also features same-sex partners of mixed-skinned colour.

This category of Apple’s emoji also includes gender, adjusted with people on beards and other noticeable effects — an available option to choose between couples with beards or zero beards.

Nonetheless, Apple’s status quo as a brand of various reputable innovated gadgets — whereby giving their users a sample of modified products — also tweaked the over-ear type of headset with its latest AirPod Max. The over-ear AirPod Max appears in all white, in contrast to the previous all-black headset.

The headset emoji is a reminder of other Apple device emojis including, the regular iPhone and accessories like the wristwatch, the MacBook desktop, and the regular MacBook — that portrays a preview of Apple product capability.

Frequent updates like this will so require Apple to make certain adjustments. Aiming to get used to Apple’s tweaks — a “vaccine-friendly syringe” without blood is another noticeable change with its emoji update.

However, Apple is quite considerate in applying cognizant tweaks compared to its previous handgun they replaced with the harmless water pistol. Remember the series of murder event of 2016 that happened in the States, the iPhone maker intends to curb rampant violence.

Concerning Apple’s methodology in applying adjustments, the iPhone maker always gives its users interesting effects to attract cognizance. A new set of facial expressions in the smiley category portray the current global pandemic scenarios — including the hazy face covered with clouds, a face with helix expressions, and a face exhaling stress.

The iPhone maker also gave romance a chance with a heart that expresses love symbol — the spectrum of expressing love now includes a bandaged heart hoping to be fixed and a heart on fire.

According to the iPhone maker, the latest emoji update is finite to other developers. They noted that users on the iOS platform would have access to the latest emojis when the next version of the Apple operating system is released this spring.

In September 2020, Unicode Consortium approved Apple’s 13th emoji version, although there was an initial change in its release schedule, which is already available to vendors. As it stands, Apple has decided to integrate the latest version of its product.

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