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4 Best Practices For Cloud Application Development On Azure


Cloud computing is the arrangement of infrastructure and technologies capacities offered in an utility-based utilization model. Microsoft Cloud Computing offers Microsoft Azure which earlier known as Windows Azure, to enable its clients to understand the advantages of cloud computing. Applying existing development ideologies to Microsoft Azure isn’t clear, as immediate coordinated change is rarely possible. There is a monstrous adoption of the Microsoft Azure platform over the world as Hybrid App Development. A few endeavors/clients have been utilizing it since its initiation and have developed their products, services based on the platform over some undefined time frame. There is additionally an enormous number of audiences for whom Azure is new and some of them have relocated to Azure from an alternate cloud platform like AWS (Amazon), IBM Blue Mix, Digital Ocean and so on.

Best Practices for Cloud application development on Azure

  • Create a Robust Cloud Service:

Business organizations should obviously separate between web job and laborer job and the different advantages they offer. The functionality between the web job and the employee’s job must be distributed. The application logic must be decoupled between the web job and the employee’s job. Disseminated reserve can be utilized for state management. Static resources, for example, CSS, pictures and JavaScript files must be distinguished and blog storage can be utilized as opposed to incorporating the static resources with the application package file. For endeavors to get the best return on investment (ROI) they should make the best utilization of VM examples where it is deployed.

  • Utilize Content Delivery Network to Cache Static File Assets:

Here static record resources, for example, script files and images are given to a content delivery network (CDN) provider who stores the records in data centers arranged in vital locations around the world enabling individuals to get to the application generally rapidly and the cached resources have low latency. As the general load time is definitely improved, the load on the server is diminished. CDNs are very helpful for business organizations whose client base includes a huge geological area.

  • Abstain from Blocking Calls by utilizing .NET’s Asynchronous Support:

To handle the tasks non concurrently has been made basic as .NET has improved the VB and C# programming languages. Asynchronous programming helps in parallel handling situations as well as empowers the web server to perform dependably and proficiently under high load conditions. At the point when all threads are being used under high load conditions, incoming requests can’t be engaged except if the strings are opened up as just a set number of strings are accessible in the web server. On the off chance that database questions and web administration calls can’t be taken care of by the application code asynchronously, threads get tied up superfluously as the server waits for an I/O reaction. Threads that are waiting for database or web service to return data is opened up by asynchronous programming.

  • Utilize Azure Storage and SQL Database:

It is important that business endeavors know the utilization of storage, for example, tables, blob, and SQL databases. For example, organizations may store images in a SQL database despite the fact that the perfect place to store it is the blob storage. Endeavors need to comprehend that being shared assets they don’t accompany limits and thresholds which can be controlled. Also, the SQL database is only on-premise SQL server and in this manner organizations should roll out barely any improvements to their data access layer. For backup purposes, organizations should depend on systems like BACPAC usefulness or Copy Database as there is no access to data/log files. The application must be set up to deal with transient errors. For best execution, the application and SQL database can be co-situated in similar data center. The information should be de-standardized as relationships are not bolstered by table storage. The information in a table can be overseen and sorted out utilizing ‘PartitionKey’.

  • Manage Latency:

Business organizations must co-find their applications and data stores. For model performance, the cloud service and capacity accounts must be co-situated in a similar affinity group and the cloud service and the SQL database must be co-situated in similar server farm. The Azure CDN must be utilized fittingly in such situations. The application can be load adjusted by utilizing Azure Traffic Manager when the application is being sent in various data centers.


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