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China Plans To Set Up 1800 Charging Points For Electric Cars In Beijing


Welcome to the electric cars era as we gradually say goodbye to fossil fuel powered cars at least in the developed world

The era for fossil powered automobiles is gradually coming to an end as electric charging ports would be set up to in China as part of plans to gradually phase out petrol and diesel vehicles from 2020.

Xinhua News Agency explained that about 1,800 charging ports for electric cars which will be set up in the capital of China, with a plan to phase out fossil automobiles from the country. Out of the 1800 electric charging points, 1615 charging ports will be installed in the administrative office of Beijing city in Tongzhou district of China.

               Europe is now talking of electric cars and this picture was taken in Netherlands

By 2020, in line with the Tongzhou plan, the city intends to build charging ports at every two kilometre stops as a way of providing a better charging service for electric cars in the suburban district of Beijing. Currently according to report , Tong Zhou has 53 charging stations at Expressway service areas, shopping malls, and another two electric station at the district for 510 electric taxies and according to Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning , Beijing will have to shift its administrative office out of the city centre to the city eastern suburbs.

Building a new administrative centre will serve as a way of drawing lots urban residents from the city centre to the suburban district, the Chinese capital with lots of congestion and pollution from fossil automobiles and other congesting factors in the city and now the plan is to plan to reduce pollution by increasing the number of electric cars and provide charging ports is a way of encouraging its citizens to go for electric cars which has less health hazard and will cause less pollution.

Xin Guobin, China’s vice minister of industry and information technology said in a news report explaining that Beijing , the capital of China is mapping out strategy and drawing out timetables to help reduce the production and sales of fossil fuel cars.  In a statement, Xin said that “the measures would surely bring profound changes to the sector’s development”. Also added that now, Many Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, have already imposed severe restrictions on sale of new cars to contain air pollution and to restrict traffic congestion.

With the installation of these electric car charging ports on almost every corner of Chinatown, is a way to pass a message to all fossil fuel cars owners to start thinking and saving up to purchase electric cars if they haven’t yet because fuel cars era in china is closing up really fast.

Many European nations including Britain and France have all announced plans to transition to clean-energy powered cars from 2020. Swedish car maker Volvo says it plans to sell 1 million electric or hybrid vehicles by 2025 in a move that has been embraced by environmental activists.

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