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Best Accessories For Oculus Rift To Obtain The Ultimate Immersive Experience


Oculus Rift’s high end VR headset has been in the market for some time now and is one of the leading names in the space. With an improved Rift bundle, you can even do more than you would have imagined! Soak into the immersive with an unmatched Oculus experience like never before. To create the ultimate setup, quip yourself with some of these top accessories and get the benefits of a seamless VR performance. Here’s what you need to buy.

Oculus ready PCs

A number of Oculus ready PCs from Asus, Alienware, Dell, Cyberpower PC, Lenovo and more are already making enough news for being the compact VR support. At the Amazon store, for a best buy of $1000, you can get a superior VR setup ready with an Oculus Ready PC bundled with Rift and Touch controllers. All you need is the headset, a headphone, and the ultra-powerful PC.

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Get your hands on the Oculus Ready PC separately with a number of capable desktop PCs from some of the top manufacturers in the range. These can cost anywhere around $600-$2000 for the nextgen Cyberpower to the Falcon Northwest. If you don’t want to invest in a pre-built system, you can also build one for yourself. In the process, keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to make the VR experience more immersive and one that you’ll enjoy.

Oculus Touch

If you’re looking for an outstanding VR accessory, Touch – the half-moon shaped handheld controllers make it really worth the experience. There are three buttons, a trackback, and a clickable thumb stick that is used to trigger the forefinger. A strap keeps these in place, and the battery powered controllers ensure that the PSVR is always ready to be used with the compatible Touch. From the expansive gaming apps and the Toybox, get the never-ending experience of gaming.

Oculus Earphones

The pair of removable on-ear headphones is an affordable option that you can purchase for optimized sound performance. With noise isolation and the VR spatial audio, these are a comfortable pair of exclusive headphones that can be used directly with the Rift rather than the PC.

Virtuix Omni

If you’re a true gamer, then this one’s a real investment you’ll want to make. For anyone that wants to turn their room into a VR arcade, the Virtuix Omni motion platform allows you to run, jump, and perform all kinds of actions while being strapped in this gaming accessory. The omni bundle lets you use the Virtuix platform for playing both the latest VR games and the legacy games as well.


The electro-haptic feedback system comes with a 16 sensor mesh around the garment. The Telasuit is composed of a conductive thread and waterproof and washproof neoprene.

SubPac M2

This is a Teslasuit alternative that gives you that complete body immersive experience. The wearable backpack uses a superior feedback technology that lets users feel the various gaming moods. In fact, with a SubPac, you have access to a subwoofer that blows your mind off each time. Get a 6+ hour dedicated immersive audio for literally an in-game submergence like never before.

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