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Big Data, AI, IoT & Cloud Computing: Futuristic Approach?


As new technologies are continually driving the digital transformation of businesses and workplaces, we need to take cognizance of the ways this is taking place. For some time, some era-defining technologies like big data, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, and cloud computing have taken the lead in transforming businesses and brands. Whether you are a mobile app development company or an enterprise software developer, these technologies no longer remain just sophisticated choices but have emerged as the must-have ones.

But far from being used in a secluded manner, their meeting with one another to open up new possibilities and innovations. The convergence of these technologies has brought a wide spectrum of opportunities for the top mobile app development company. Here in this blog post, we are going to explain the impact of this convergence of technologies. 

How Does This Convergence Take Place? 

Big data, AI, IoT, and cloud computing are different technologies, and each one of them has emerged and evolved in independent ways. But for some years, there are developing interdependence and opening up new possibilities of innovations, enhanced efficiency, and productivity benefits.

While big data refers to the science of storing and analyzing exponentially growing digital data for providing useful insights, the growing number of connected devices and sensors sharing a multitude of data are contributing to this growth of digital data tremendously. On the other hand, cloud computing is helping to leverage big data analytics through anytime-anywhere access to data through cloud servers. This means adopting cloud computing is necessary for a company to draw insights from IoT data. On the other hand, AI is continuing to play a significant role in the connected ecosystem of devices and for allowing machines to perform certain tasks based on data-driven user insights.

Thus, the so-called dividing lines among these technologies are increasingly getting blurred and opening up never-before possibilities. The Convergence of AI, Big Data, IoT, and Cloud Computing is going to transform enterprise IT and business applications in an unprecedented manner.

Augmented Processing Capacity 

The Convergence of these technologies is playing the most important role in certain industries where faster processing and productivity can affect revenue and business growth directly. The effect of automation perpetuated by these technologies can best be explained by certain industries. Big Data and cloud storage are helping organizations to merge the processing data and ensure more efficiency and productivity. From material usage data to the sharing of real-time inventory data, big data analytics, and cloud computing are providing the apparatus for the industrial data to deliver relevant insights for augmenting processes.

The use of robotics, connected machines, and equipment and data analytics together are creating great scopes to drive automation in industrial processes. These technologies tuned to work with one another in modern industrial environments are helping to boost productivity and business output in a never before way. 

Exploring the Connection Between These Technologies 

For most industries and enterprise environments, these technologies seem to work in unison or in an orchestrated manner to drive innovations and automation in business processes. This is why we need to take a look at the relationship between these technologies.

  • Big data and cloud computing: The exponentially growing big data found its natural ally in a cloud-based analytics platform. Thus Hadoop emerged as the cloud-based analytics platform for Big Data. Soon, other services followed the example, and we got services like Amazon Web Services (AWS). The emergence of Analytics as a Service (AaaS) model is an outcome of this.
  • Internet of Things and Big Data: Internet of Things candy as a promising technology based on the device to a connection that can streamline operations between machines and between machines and humans. As IoT devices are producing huge volumes of digital data-rich with user insights, Big Data analytics engines through cloud platforms are accessing this data to produce relevant and useful consumer insights.
  • Internet of Things and AI: Artificial intelligence or AI is allowing machines to behave and interact like humans by mimicking human reasoning capability. Connected IoT devices loaded with AI-based algorithms are increasingly finding such AI-powered maneuvers useful for facilitating automation and streamlined functioning of devices.

The Trends Showcasing Convergence of These Technologies 

Thus Convergence of technologies is already visible with some innovative platforms that emerged only because of these technologies working in unison. From Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Microsoft Azure to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), all of them emerged as consolidated platforms leveraging all these technologies. In this respect, we need to take a look at the emerging trends of this Convergence.

  • Data management: tithe utilization of intelligent data systems based on predictive technologies such as AI and Machine Learning is giving rise to new and innovative data infrastructure such as Hadoop, Spark, etc.
  • Cloud infrastructure: The emergence of highly scalable cloud computing platforms such as AWS or Microsoft Azure is giving rise to new container technologies such as docker and Kubernetes.


For developers, tech wizards, and business IT experts, all of these technologies seem to hold the real promise of data-driven automation. In the years to come, the Convergence of these technologies will further open new grounds for tech innovations. 


Author Bio

Nathan McKinley is Business Development Manager at Cerdonis Technologies LLC android app developers in usa customized design and standard practices to develop mobile/web and software apps for various android devices. He loves to write on technology aspects like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Mobile/Web and Software App Design & Development.

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